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Stock Market Investing

Stock market investing can be overwhelming at times. Although the stock market has been the best performing asset class over the long-term, short-term fluctuations can leave many investors worried about the security of their hard-earned savings.

In order to engage in profitable stock market investing, you need to have up to date, actionable information. Scroll down to our latest articles, including top market insights, trend analyses, and forward-thinking stock ideas for your portfolio.

For more information on stock market investing and the strategies professionals use to overcome risk and uncertainty in the stock market, check out our free report, Understanding the Stock Market: How to Buy Stocks and other Market Basics.

Casualties of War: Trump Tariffs Crush Stocks

President Trump today announced new tariffs against China. The main stock indices plunged, as investors worried about global trade war.

All Eyes on Powell: Stocks Fall Amid Fed’s Mixed Message

Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell struck a moderate tone today, but he also suggested that economic growth and inflation could come in higher than expected. The main indices fell, in volatile trading.

Oil’s Well: Rising Crude Prices Pump Up Stocks

The energy sector provided the tailwind that beleaguered Wall Street needed today, helping investors shake off headline risk (for now). The main indices closed higher.

Stocks Plunge Amid Darkening Political Clouds

News about the electoral misuse of Facebook data and other political risks rattled investors Monday. The main indices went into free fall, with the Dow erasing its 2018 gains.

Bears Return to Hibernation on Bullish Economic Data

Positive economic numbers helped investors forget political dysfunction. For today, at least. Stocks rose across the board, with financials leading the way.

Battered Dow Heavyweights Come Out Swinging, Close Higher

Beaten-down industrial stocks bounced back today, in volatile trading. The Dow finished in the green, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed lower.

The Ghost of Smoot-Hawley: Trade Woes Spook Stocks

Protectionism is on the rise and Wall Street is scared. Stocks plunged across the board Wednesday, as trade barriers multiply.

The Revolving Door: Tillerson Exit Tramples Stocks

New personnel turmoil in the White House and lingering worries over a trade war offset good news on inflation today. The three main stock indices plunged.

Steeling for Trouble: Stocks Swoon Amid Trade Angst

Investors are fretting anew about President Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Industrial stocks on Monday pushed the Dow and S&P 500 into the red.

Vexxed by the VIX? Here’s a Sane Solution for a Crazy Market

Fears of a trade war are roiling equity markets. Volatility is off the charts. Market anxiety got you down? Here’s a time-tested method to help you cope.

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