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A New Era of Inflation is Coming. Do You Know How to Protect Your Portfolio?

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Fellow Investor,

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve has taken dramatic action in backing insolvent banks, holding short-term interest rates near zero, and pumping unprecedented amounts of money into the economy. But recent comments by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and others have clearly indicated we are nearing the end of this government-sponsored free ride. The inevitable outcome will be a wealth-sapping era of inflation that could wreak havoc on your portfolio.

If, like me, you know the looming threat of inflation is a matter of when, not if, then you understand the need to act now to protect your life savings.

I’m Benjamin Shepherd, Investing Daily’s inflation survival specialist. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that no matter what the supposed expert economists and talking head’s on television say, there are countless risks to your wealth in these uncertain times. The trick is cutting through the rhetoric – and knowing how to position your assets to take maximum advantage.

In my latest free weekly e-letter, Survival of the Fittest, you’ll discover plenty of painless ways to position yourself for a spike in inflation including:

  • Floating-rate loans. You can make 6.3% right now in these loans, and if inflation spikes, it’s okay, because when inflation jumps, interest rates usually do, too.

  • Timber ETFs. Timber usually does well during moderate inflation and can be a big winner when inflation surges. Historically, timber and land stocks outperform during inflationary times.

  • High-yielding stocks from commodity-rich countries such as Australia, Brazil and Canada. A host of ETFs invest in countries that rely on commodities that should do well as inflation increases. Our favorite right now also pays a generous 6.5% yield.

  • Real estate. It made plenty of millionaires in the inflationary 1970s. Housing has historically held its value against inflation. What’s more, it gives you shelter while it appreciates.

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Ben Shepherd
Benjamin Shepherd,
Chief Investment Strategist, Survival of the Fittest

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