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New Members: Start Here


from Chief Investment Strategist Jim Pearce

I’m happy to have you as a Systematic Wealth member! Soon you will be celebrating your wins with your SW compatriots. Here’s a sampling of their recent comments:

“I closed out my position today for a 9.13% gain in 7 days which is almost 84% of the targeted return of 10.90% over a projected 3 month holding period. Unless my math is screwy which is certainly possible, that’s equivalent to an annualized return of 416.17%. Is that right?? Thank you Jim, this is my first closed trade with SW and we’re off to a great start!!”    -Rick W.

“Mr. Jim Pearce, If what I’m seeing right now in the after hours, I must say: I do believe that has to be some of the fastest/easiest money I think I’ve ever made anywhere in my life! And I used to think wildcat drilling for oil was risky, but at times, profitable…LOL. BTW, you don’t happen to have any more of those 3TLs just laying around somewhere not being used, do ya??? IF so, I’ll take em….LOL. Seriously, thank you for that nice Christmas present, Jim. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season, Sir.”     -Larry J.

“Thanks Jim, Really nice return. I just wish I had bought more contracts. 100+% return in 11 days. WOW!    -“Diamond Bob”

Are you ready to get started? I recommend you begin with the following steps:

  1. Read the Systematic Wealth Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Log into the Systematic Wealth website (you’ll find login instructions here) and review our most recent Trade Alerts. You’ll see your fellow SW members’ Stock Talk discussions at the bottom of each Trade.
  3. Make your first Trade. I encourage you to get right into the game, because you’ll only start winning when you start trading. We recommend that new subscribers first consider investing in the most recent buy recommendations, provided those stocks are still trading at or near their original Alert date prices.

It’s that easy. We’re excited to have you on board!

To Your Success,

Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist