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There was a time not that long age – actually, when I started driving as a teenager in the 1970s – that an automobile was about as low tech as something could get. I recall removing the back doors of my Ford Maverick with nothing more than a ratchet tool and a little muscle so I could cram all of my dorm room furniture into it each year when I headed off to college. Now, there is so much electronics in a car that you might get electrocuted if you tried that stunt today (not really, but you get the idea).

So I asked Linda McDonough to take a look at the automobile industry for this month’s In Focus article to evaluate which companies are most likely to innograte the quickest and become the market leaders in auto-tech. With Apple moving into this space, its only a matter of time until it exercises its financial clout and begins acquiring the components of its vertical supply chain so buying some of these early adapters at today’s prices should pay off when the big boys start bidding up values.

For this month’s Sector Spotlight, Rob DeFrancesco reviews two of his portfolio holdings from the data analytics sector. Last week’s horrific terrorist attacks in Paris will only heighten demand for analytics that can protect society from both physical and cyber attacks, with a new urgency that drive more investment into this space.

And in his Portfolio Update Dr. Joe Duarte has a new low-price stock recommendation that has the potential to deliver big percentage returns. Price movements in the biotech sector tend to be exaggerated to begin with, so combining that with $5 small-cap stock could result in an explosive move to the upside if it pays off.

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