To Biotech and Beyond!

Long time readers of Smart Tech Investor know that we believe the ruthlessly evolutionary process of innogration will continue to push information technology into new directions that will make our lives better in ways we cannot yet imagine. We are already seeing it occur in the health care field, with biotech companies both innovating and integrating to create medical treatments for a wide range of deadly diseases. But it doesn’t end there.

In this month’s In Focus article Dr. Joe Duarte takes a look at one such example of technology being used to create healthier foods. Technology has long been used to produce larger and healthier crops, and is now making the natural expansion into the food products derived from those ingredients. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the day somebody can figure out how to make a healthy french fry that actually tastes good!

For our Sector Spotlight piece this month, Rob DeFrancesco discusses recent advancements in Virtual Reality. We believe this is going to be a huge growth market in the years to come, with useful applications that will extend far beyond video gaming. Who knows, perhaps one day instead of going on vacation, the vacation will come to us? 

Of course, all of these wonderful innovations will require increasing reliance on cloud computing, so Rob also has new buy recommendation in his Next Wave Portfolio Update. As we pivot into the next major long term economic cycle, the stock market is searching for a new set of companies to lead it higher and we believe it is companies such as these that will do it.

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