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One Last Push

By Ari Charney on June 1, 2018

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Introducing the Best-Kept Secret on Wall Street!

You’ll rarely hear about this stealth millionaire-maker on CNBC or read about it in the Wall Street Journal... yet it’s the perfect investment: It tirelessly fills its owners’ pockets with money, year in and year out, without giving them panic attacks along the way!

If you’d like to join me on this stress-free path to wealth, please read on...

by Ari Charney, Chief Investment Strategist

It’s got to be the best-kept secret on Wall Street...

Any investment that sells something every one of us uses every day... yields up to 8.5% in cold cash... offers likely capital gains within two to three years of up to 100% on top of that... AND is so safe that it shrugs off recessions like water off a duck... well, an investment that perfect should be on the lips of every broker and money guru in America, right?

Well, I don’t hear the talking heads on TV babbling on about my favorite way to achieve permanent wealth. That’s their loss. Because as I will show you, it’s the little-respected, often-maligned, and poorly-understood utility stock that offers everything a sane investor wants in a security: security!

Welcome to the Stress-Free World of True Affluence

My name is Ari Charney, the Chief Investment Strategist of the specialized investment advisory Utility Forecaster. We’ve been spreading the word about the remarkable wealth-building power of properly-chosen utility stocks for 26 years. Our system combines a record of market-beating gains with a patient, relaxed approach to wealth-building that has proven irresistible to thousands of unruffled investors.

Let me expand on this point. We all want to be rich, but affluence isn’t just about money — it’s about living well. If you have to spend your quality time buying and selling stocks every few days... looking up prices every morning... guessing which of 10,000 mutual funds will have a hot quarter... or worrying about what sort of mood Janet Yellen is going to be in tomorrow... you’re paying too steep a price for your gains, in my book.

Our investment approach gives you a reliable system that builds your wealth and sets you free to enjoy life too. It’s a simple program that’s easy to implement... has a proven record of success... and puts the forces of time, reliable growth and compounding on your side.

Nothing about our system is complicated or risky. It relies on the proven wealth-building power of the world’s most solid companies — providers of the necessities of modern life: electricity, natural gas, water and telecommunications.

These “Steady Eddies” have created financial security for thousands of our subscribers, and they’ll do the same for you if you let them. In fact, our subscribers are currently sitting on an average gain of 308% in our portfolio thanks to this time-tested system.

Like Selling Ice Cream on a Hot Day

If there’s a surer bet than the stocks you’ll find in Utility Forecaster, I don’t know what it is. When you buy into a utility, you’re getting into the business of supplying a demand so strong it borders on addiction.

I bet the average American would rather give up every service the government in Washington provides than go without the service of their local utility. This constant demand makes utilities virtually recession-proof and one of the best possible places for your money in a bear market.

What other investment can you buy whose profits are mandated by law? No other investment gives you all this...

  • Juicy dividends: They pay by far the highest dividends on Wall Street, easily twice the yield of the Dow Industrials.
  • Stress-free gains: You'll make your money at a steady pace with much less volatility in your portfolio.
  • Peace of mind: You can buy these "Steady Eddies" and lock 'em away for years.
  • Bear-market insurance: Utilities are the most recession-proof stocks you can buy.
  • Rock-solid value: They churn our earnings with the reliability of a Swiss watch.
  • Retirement security: These cash-generating machines will mail you ever-growing checks for the rest of your life.

I can't imagine a more solid, can't-lose proposition than socking away some money in these high-yielding beauties. And when I say "can't-lose," I'm not just blowing smoke.

Because here's one more fact that few investors ever hear about: No regulated utility has ever gone out of business—EVER!

If that doesn't impress you, then you're pretty tough to please... or maybe you know something I don't. I certainly don't know any other investment that offers you such a powerful combination of benefits:

1) Fat Dividends. The average utility now throws off a dividend yield of 4.6%. That's four times what CDs pay and two times the dividend of the average stock. What's more, utilities usually increase their dividend faster than inflation every year, so your nest egg is always a step ahead of that silent wealth-killer. Plus, there are dozens of ways you can pocket dividends of 9% and 10% a year, by taking on just a smidgen of additional risk. These are the best income stocks you can own, bar none.

2) Superb Total Return. Few investors realize it, but with their high dividends and steadily rising prices, utilities have comfortably beaten the S&P 500 by 212% over the past 15 year. Tell that to anyone who says utilities are "stodgy stocks" for widows and orphans. And unlike stocks that rely solely on capital gains to make their shareholders money, utility stocks put you immediately in the black with their healthy dividends.

3) Unparalleled Safety. Utilities are the most recession-proof stocks you can buy. Everyone buys electricity, not to mention heat, water and phone service, even when money is tight. They may cancel the Caribbean cruise, but they're not going to sit around in the dark taking cold showers with rainwater. That unwavering, nonstop demand is a luxury that very few providers of any product or service enjoy.

What I’ll Do for You Every Month in Utility Forecaster

You can count on me to perform three major tasks in every issue of Utility Forecaster:

1. I thoroughly analyze the latest numbers on every publicly owned utility in the nation. I project future performance and give you specific recommendations. And I follow up on previous picks.

2. I uncover the top growth prospects. Is the utility involved in any moneymaking venture outside its bread-and-butter business? Is it tapping into new technologies and power sources? Is it expanding to lucrative new markets abroad?

3. I make sure your dividend is SAFE. I put cash flow under an analytical microscope. I dig deep to reveal which yields are treasures and which are traps.

Safety Is Everything

This last point is vital, because it means you get an early warning if any of your money is in danger. I’m a fanatic about digging out bad news. Whenever there’s trouble brewing in a utility you own, you’ll hear about it right away. Whether it’s a shrinking customer base, legal problems or a spike in construction costs, I’ll alert you to the problem in plenty of time to protect your money.

With an average total return of 308% on the current positions now in our portfolio, that's all many people ever need to know about the effectiveness of our investment system.

My publisher reports that Utility Forecaster has one of the highest renewal rates in the industry. You don't get so many repeat customers unless you deliver on your promises.

Join Me Now and Save $50 or $119—Your Choice!

I hope you're ready to use Utility Forecaster to accumulate lasting wealth. Because as a special introductory offer, you can get a full year's subscription to this one-of-a-kind, time-tested resource at a reduced price: 12 monthly issues for only $99—a $50 savings off the regular price of $149. I'll also send you a series of special reports on my favorite utility investments right now. You'll see more details on these when you place your order.

Even better, why not choose the two-year option for just $179? You save $119 off the regular two-year price of $298 and receive three more investment reports free! It plainly makes sense to go for two years, because no matter how long you subscribe, you're protected by...

My Unlimited, Money-Back Guarantee

I’m often hesitant to try a new thing. That’s why I want to make the decision to try Utility Forecaster as easy and as stress-free as possible for you. Either you love Utility Forecaster or get all your money back.

That’s the simplest and most straightforward guarantee I can make.

You can choose to cancel your membership at any time during the first 90 days and receive a prompt 100% refund.

Plus, if at any time after that you change your mind and decide Utility Forecaster isn’t for you, then you can still cancel at any time. I’ll refund the unused portion of your membership.

Start Your Own Cash Machine Today!

To start receiving Utility Forecaster and get your free bonus reports, just click here. Please don't delay. Every day that your money languishes in a low-interest CD—or remains nakedly vulnerable in crash-prone stocks—is another day you're missing out on the safe, high yields and stress-free capital gains our carefully-chosen utilities offer.

If you want to put your money to work in a tireless investment that will never stop paying you back, please join me today in this "push-button" money-maker—all you need is a subscription to Utility Forecaster and a mailbox to pick up your dividend checks.

Click here to join Utility Forecaster today!


With best wishes for safe profits,

Ari Charney

Ari Charney
Chief Investment Strategist, Utility Forecaster
Investing Daily
7600A Leesburg Pike
West Building, Suite 300
Falls Church, VA 22043