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Getting Started

Step 1 —

Activate your website, print and email services Website Access

First, if you have not yet successfully logged into the Utility Forecaster website, you must set up your login information by entering the account number we recently emailed to you. You will also need to enter your last name and the email address you used when subscribing to the service. If you are unsure of any of the information, please call us for assistance at 1-800-832-2330, Monday — Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Monthly Utility Forecaster Issue

If your subscription includes the print version, it will arrive by mail, usually around the first Wednesday of each month. To ensure reliable mail delivery, please visit the My Account page to verify that your postal address is correct in our records. Your monthly issues are also available online in both PDF and HTML formats. You can elect to receive issue notifications by email each time the issue is posted online. Simply go to the ‘My Account’ section of the website and select Email Preferences in the left sidebar. In the Premium Services option of that page, be sure to check the box next to Issue Notifications, Trade Alerts & Flash Alerts then click the Update Preferences button at the bottom of the page to confirm your selections. The date when the next issue will be available online may be found in the lower right-hand corner on the cover page of each issue.

If your subscription is an electronic version only, your issues will be also available online in HTML and in PDF formats. You may also choose to receive issue notifications by email each time the issue is posted online by simply defining your Email Preferences in the ‘My Account’ section of the website.

Weekly Utility & Income Premium e-Letter

Our weekly market analysis and portfolio updates will be emailed to you each Monday and posted on the website. To ensure you receive this important supplement to your subscription, please whitelist our email address. You’ll also receive our weekly e-letters Week in Review and Marketplace Review. You may easily unsubscribe or change your email preferences at any time via the links in the footer of each email; we always respect your wishes.

Email Alerts

We will occasionally alert you by email of any updates to our analysis or immediate changes to portfolio recommendations. Those changes will, of course, be included in the monthly Utility Forecaster issue as well. To ensure you don’t miss this important information, please whitelist our email address with your service provider.

Step 2 —

Discover the stocks from your promotion

You may have subscribed to Utility Forecaster due to a promotion that included some tantalizing but mysterious stock picks. We will reveal them in a moment.

We analyze and share dozens of stock picks with our subscribers each year. Please note that those stocks may not necessarily be the ones that we recommend you start with as your very first Utility Forecaster stocks. We’ll cover the best stocks to buy first in Step 3.
Reveal the mystery stocks now…

Step 3 —

See which stocks to buy first

“Which stocks do I buy first?”

This is the question we get asked most by new subscribers, and understandably so. Building a portfolio and making money is the fun part. To answer this question, we have three suggestions for you…

  1. Consider first buying the Growth Spotlight and/or Income Spotlight stocks that we covered in the most recent issue of Utility Forecaster. Those may be found in your print issue or online under the Articles navigation menu.
  2. Always review the online portfolio pages, updated every two hours, to ensure that the Spotlight stocks still rate as a Buy and trade below our recommended Buy price.
  3. Get to know our investing philosophy and advice and How to Build A Portfolio.

Step 4 —

Read your first issue

Your monthly issue of Utility Forecaster is available online the Saturday prior to the first Wednesday of the month. The PDF version may be found from the home page using the red Download Current Issue bar at upper left.

Both the current PDF and the HTML versions are found under Issue Archives along with years of archived issues. Your subscription gets you access to all of our past issues at no additional cost.

If your subscription includes a print version, it will arrive by USPS mail around the first Wednesday of each month.

Step 5 —

Get answers to your questions

The analysts keep pretty busy schedules, but as a team we try to respond to every question you may have. Here’s the best way to get answers quickly…

For fastest response and to benefit all subscribers to this service, we encourage you to post your questions and comments at the bottom of any relevant article on the Utility Forecaster site.

For more general questions, please go to the main Stock Talk page found under the Resources tab.

Service & Technical Help

Visit our Service & Technical Help page for a comprehensive list of common questions about using the website.

Follow the recent issue and Alerts

Due to time constraints, we may not always respond to individual questions which were answered in a recent issue or alert. When we get enough inquires on a new topic, we frequently issue an email alert or cover it in the next issue of Utility Forecaster. Stock Talk is also a good place to see if someone else may have asked and received a response on the same topic.

Contact our Customer Service Department

If your question is of a more personal nature related to changing your subscription, visit our Contact Customer Service page. Also, you can easily change your own postal address, email address, or password on the My Account page.

Thank you for joining us at Investing Daily’s Utility Forecaster!