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New Members: Start Here

Wealth Society Director Jim Pearce explains today’s investing climate
and your new member benefits

Dear Wealth Society Member,

Congratulations! You’ve now joined an exclusive league of self-directed investors who grow and protect their wealth using Investing Daily’s in-depth research and actionable advice.

Your membership includes more than a dozen services and benefits valued at more than $29,000. You’ll get:

  • 13 equity and options trading advisories
  • Access to any of our new advisory services
  • Free VIP pass to our annual Wealth Summit
  • Monthly online chat sessions with our analysts
  • Private Wealth Society website and Confidential daily email update
  • Direct access to our analysts and leadership team
  • Priority member services support

For a fast start to your new benefits, we recommend these XX steps:

1. Start navigating your new Wealth Society website and its individual publication websites.

The main Wealth Society website draws its content from Investing Daily’s 13 individual publications’ websites. You can choose to read the combined content on the main site or you may prefer to visit each individual publication separately.

If you’ve never logged into an Investing Daily website before, see the login instructions here.

If you’ve logged into any of Investing Daily’s online services before, your existing email address and password will now allow you full access to the main Wealth Society website and all of Investing Daily’s individual publications, reports, and tools. When you click “my Investing Daily” in the upper-left navigation, the clickable publication list will be revealed:


And while you’re logged in, you can instantly return to the main Wealth Society website from any individual Investing Daily website you visit — just click the Wealth Society navigation image to jump back to the main website:


2. Survey the vast array of investing choices you now have at your command.

Whether you want steady income or quick gains, the world’s best recommendations are ready for your inspection. Which of these will best support your investing goals?

Options Trading:

  • Options for Income (OFI) Jim Fink, Chief Investment Strategist. Get started trading with low-risk, conservative strategies and intensive teaching.
  • Velocity Trader (VT) Jim Fink, Chief Investment Strategist. Earn triple-digit investment returns through Jim’s powerful Profit Multiplier System.
  • Profit Catalyst Alert (PCA) Linda McDonough, Chief Investment Strategist. Trade equities or options on stocks moving up on higher-than-average volume.
  • Aggressive Trader (AT) Stephen Leeb, Chief Investment Strategist. 

All-Market Coverage:

High-Income Strategies:

Sector-Specific Coverage:

3. Read the Wealth Society Frequently Asked Questions.

These FAQs will prepare you to swing into action when your first Options for Income Trade Alert arrives.

4. Watch for Investing Daily’s Trade Alerts in your email inbox.


5. Trade!

Once you’ve 


I Want to Hear About Your Success!

In a very direct way, my success is measured by your accomplishments. So I want to hear from you on Stock Talk, and I hope that you will share your stories about the trades you make. I also look forward to meeting in person at our next Investing Summit.

I greatly appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in me. And I take my responsibility to you very seriously. I look forward to helping you achieve abundant success in the markets.

To Your Success,

Jim Pearce
Wealth Society Director