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Your 401k Path to Riches

Become a 401k millionaire in 10 years with Your 401k Path to Riches

Join renowned author and financial commentator Brian O’Connell on the path to riches – through the most overlooked and underutilized wealth-building tool any investor has. Delivered weekly to your inbox at no charge.

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Fellow Investor,

If you are a regular Joe or Jane – not a movie star or a lottery winner or a Fortune 500 CEO – what are your chances of becoming a millionaire … or even a multimillionaire?

Better than you think – much better. The secret? It isn’t glamorous, but it is simple – and almost foolproof, because the math is in your favor. To get started all you really need to reach $1,000,000 is … a 401k!

Everyday millionaires come from many different places, backgrounds and income levels, but they all have something in common: they are fanatical about maximizing their 401k performance.

They know that 401ks are a remarkable gift from the IRS. You don’t pay taxes on your contributions and you pay zero taxes on your gains until you sell. That gives you decades of glorious tax-free growth.

I am ready to be your expert guide through the maze of investing smoke and mirrors. I’ll save you a ton of money by alerting you to hidden fees such as high 12b-1 fees, exit charges and other disguised loads. And I’ll help you separate your best available funds from the losers.

If you don’t make your tax-advantaged retirement plan work to your advantage, you’re throwing away the best chance “regular investors” have of ever becoming a millionaire.

Are you ready to become an everyday 401k millionaire? Sign up for Your 401k Path to Riches now.


Brian O'Connell
Brian O’Connell, Chief Investment Strategist
Your 401k Path to Riches

Your wealth years from now depends on whether you take control of your 401k today. Achieve the enjoyable retirement you deserve, starting with Brian O’Connell’s Your 401k Path to Riches. Sign up now.