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Stock Market Investing

Welcome to the Jack Rabbit Market

Since January’s breathtaking whoosh down, investors have been frantically hopping from one market sector to the next with little gains to be had, overall.

The market’s flat performance to date disguises the turbulence below. As of early this week the S&P 500 is up a bit more than

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • An Income Dream Deferred

    The nascent Wires REIT trend just got dealt a major setback.

  • Best Buy Delivers, But …

    In this market, everyone wants to know, “what have you done for me lately?” The latest victim of this myopic mentality is home electronics and furnishings retailer, and Personal Finance Growth Portfolio holding, Best Buy (BBY). Best Buy released quarterly earnings Tuesday that delivered numbers well above Wall Street analysts’ estimates, but its share price […]

  • Another Chance to Buy at Bargain Prices

    The Canadian dollar could offer investors another buying opportunity next month.

  • Think you’ve missed Silicon Valley’s best opportunities? Well…think again…

    If you think you’ve missed the boat on millionaire-making opportunities in Silicon Valley, well…think again. In recent months we’ve been researching a new technology that will transform the world just as radically as the smartphone, the personal computer and the search engine. The time to invest in this emerging innovation is now, before the investor […]

  • In Debt to Linn’s Example

    The string of bankruptcies by drilling MLPs shows the hazards of excessive leverage.

  • Learning from the world’s richest and smartest

    When looking for investment clues, it often pays to follow the lead of the world’s richest and smartest people. Today, we dive a bit further into the moves of someone we covered earlier this week: Mark Zuckerberg.  “Zuck” is the embodiment of the popular cliche of the rich high-technology entrepreneur who wears sandals and hoodies. […]

  • REITS: Still a Good Buy

    The Real Estate Investment Trust sector is holding up well against potential headwinds of more Federal Reserve rate hikes, and it continues to be a top safe haven investment as markets become increasingly volatile.U.S. REITs outperformed the broader equity market through the first four months of 2016, with the benchmark REIT index delivering a 4.09% […]

  • This Food IPO Looks Like Leftovers

    Could the spring thaw be working its magic for the initial public offering (IPO) market? After a rough start to the year the stock market seems to have an increased appetite for IPO deals, and that bodes well for the market in general.A litmus test on just how healthy the IPO market had become is […]

  • Making Money from Bunk

    When I ran into respected energy investing strategist, Robert Rapier, at our recent Wealth Summit in Las Vegas, there was ONE QUESTION I just had to ask him...

  • 1 secret to remarkable wealth? Invest in “magic”…

    Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the influential futurist who wrote the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, once observed: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”The emerging VR/AR “magic” we’ve been following this week easily passes Sir Arthur’s test. We think you’ll feel the same way once you’ve experienced this “magic” for yourself.Not convinced? While it’s […]

  • Stalking Apache

    The big shale driller hasn’t been bought out yet but does look tempting based on financials few peers can match.

  • This global investing trend is hitting your local movie theater

    Friday night at the movies is about to get A LOT more interesting…Living up to expectations that it would make a major announcement regarding virtual reality technology at its annual I/O developer conference last week, Google (GOOG) revealed an exciting new partnership with IMAX Corp. (IMAX) that could ultimately reinvent your experience at movie theaters.The […]

  • Technical Nuggets: Stock Market Meanders as Fed Panders

    Stocks struggled last week as several Fed governors suggested that more interest rate increases are possible in 2016.  One went so far as to imply that a rate hike in June is plausible.  We think that if the Fed analyzes price charts, they may have second thoughts.

  • Mark Zuckerberg: This is worth $16.6 million per minute

    After spending less than 2 hours with this technology, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was convinced. So back in 2014 Facebook purchased a company called Oculus for $2 billion in an acquisition that perplexed much of the market.Oculus was developing a device that was taking the technology community by storm.While still in its infancy, this device, known as […]

  • Special Situations for Undervalued Utilities

    A potential Fed rate hike and uncertainty over a British exit from the European Union could create buying opportunities.

  • Taking the Measure of Battered Petroleum

    BP still looks like the cheapest supermajor, and the one likeliest to be targeted in a merger. 

  • No Regrets on Linn Energy

    Urging subscribers to sell the now bankrupt driller in 2013 proved a great call, even though the probe that prompted it ultimately fizzled. 

  • Buffett Adds Apple to his Empire

    I’ve wondered why Warren Buffett didn’t own Apple (AAPL), since it epitomizes the type of stock he likes. It pays a solid dividend (2.5%), generates enormous cash flow, and is priced at a discount to the overall stock market based on its forward P/E multiple. That’s also why I own it in the Personal Finance […]

  • Max Pain – The Recipe For An Easy 120% Gain in 8 Days

    Earlier this week, I wrote about a bearish trade idea I had for Cisco Systems.But before entering that trade I wanted to wait until after its third-quarter earnings announcement on Wednesday evening…“…in order to take advantage of any short-lived price pop caused by the quarterly earnings release.” Well, that price pop occurred yesterday, and as […]

  • The Duel Over Dual-Class Shares

    A Canadian company faces pressure to dilute its founding family’s control.