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Utility Stocks

The New Utility Castles

The notion that demographics is destiny doesn’t just apply to geopolitics, it also has bearing on the utility sector.

Although we usually employ fundamental analysis when searching for the next great utility stock, we also use a top-down approach to identify promising names, while

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • Close Shave, Brexit Style

    More British companies are targeting American businesses.

  • New technology gives hope to millions (and could lead to a windfall for investors)

    Army sergeant Theresa Hannigan was left paralyzed by an autoimmune disease.Each day was a struggle…She was unable to walk, and confined to a wheelchair.But her life changed for the better almost immediately when she began testing an emerging technology called an “exoskeleton” at her local VA hospital.“There are so many things that I have missed […]

  • Herbalife Doesn’t Come Up Short – Yet

    Sometimes a short seller can’t catch a break. You’d think that a company’s stock would drop when it admits to the Federal Trade Commission that it’s been manipulating customers, will pay a $200 million fee and will enact draconian changes to its business to reduce this deception.But that’s the story of Herbalife, and news last Friday that […]

  • Whole New Ballgame for Energy

    Energy stocks have been among the market’s best performers in 2016. Here’s how 10 industry leaders stack up.

  • Technical Nuggets: Worries and Portfolio Gains are not Mutually Exclusive

    Bull markets climb a wall of worry. And there is plenty to worry about these days, which suggests that stocks could continue to move higher over the next few weeks and perhaps even months. 

  • How We Made 117.39% In Under 4 Days

    Have you heard about the new trade I’m releasing tomorrow morning?If it’s anything like my recent trade on, we’ll be up more than 100% before breakfast this Friday.That’s because I’m using a unique new trading system: one that accurately predicts—then quickly multiplies—the gains of regular stocks.If you haven’t seen my presentation on this breakthrough […]

  • The One Dividend Stock That Made the Cut

    Our search for a stock that offers an enticing payout at a reasonable price yielded just one result.

  • M&A Goes to the Next Level

    If you like to profit from mergers and acquisitions, consider investing in our cash-flow rich Personal Finance Growth portfolio stocks. Last week I discussed how Danone’s buyout offer for WhiteWave Foods was an example of the merger and acquisition activity that the Brexit vote will spawn as nervous executives in Europe look to buy American companies to reduce risk. As […]

  • Value at a Premium

    Low rates have made dividend stocks expensive. But we have a way to exploit this situation until our favorite stocks revert to more reasonable prices.

  • Hoegh Sweet It Is

    The owner of floating LNG import terminals is poised to ride the boom in liquefied gas shipments.

  • Jobs: 5 Reasons to Be Skeptical

    Investors should be wary of Friday’s U.S. jobs report, which claimed 287,000 jobs were created in June, and which sent the S&P 500 index to an all-time high. This report comes a month after it was reported that a measly 11,000 jobs were created in May.I’m among those doubting that U.S. government jobs reports reflect what […]

  • These Unique Signals Are Leading to Windfall Gains

    What if I told you I’d found a way to discover a stock’s moves before they happen?I know. Sounds like something out of Back to the Future, right?It’s anything but.In fact, what I’m going to reveal to you today is something I’ve been working on my entire investing career.I call it the Profit Multiplier System—and […]

  • Half-Time Report

    My annual energy predictions are looking good so far and could deliver a sweep if oil sustains its momentum.

  • Goldilocks Growth for Wages and Jobs

    After a strong June unemployment number was released Friday, the S&P 500 jumped 1.5%, likely moved by the headline: U.S. created 287,000 jobs in June vs. 175,000 expected.But just as I tempered the despair following a crushingly-low May number (“Don’t Bet the Farm on Non-Farm Payrolls, June 8), I’ll remind you that this monthly data point […]

  • Theranos Latest Example of Tech Hype

    Problems at Theranos prove one of the biggest challenges in tech investing is not buying into the hype.

  • Post-Brexit Invasion: Foreign Utes Come Shopping

    A top investment banker predicts more foreign utilities will pursue deals in the U.S. to help offset uncertainty overseas.

  • Let’s Make a Deal, Brexit Edition

    Last week I half-jokingly promised my editor that I wouldn’t mention Brexit in today’s column since we’re all tired of hearing about it. But breaking news that Paris-based yogurt maker Danone (DANOY) will buy American organics food producer The WhiteWave Foods Company (WWAV) has compelled me to renege. While this transaction had been in negotiations […]

  • A Big Yield at a Bargain Price?

    This small Canadian buyout firm offers growth and income at a reasonable price.

  • Magellan Charts Strong Gains

    At the start of the year, MoneyShow featured its annual Top Picks report asking leading advisors for their favorite investment ideas for 2016. In the report, 85 stocks and funds were recommended, and the stock picks that we submitted on behalf of The Energy Strategist have been among the top performers year-to-date.Last week I was interviewed by The Money […]

  • Emerging Markets to the Rescue

    Can you both fish and cut bait? Apparently so, because in the week following the Brexit vote investors ran to both riskier assets such as stocks, and to safer assets such as gold and bonds. So clearly the markets are too fickle at this point to make any rash decisions.In searching for some hopeful signs amidst the […]