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Turn Mind Games Into Mind Gains

We know a lot more about investing than we did 30 years ago.


I’m not talking about supercomputers, sophisticated algorithms or breaking down “big data.” No, the calculations that we’ve learned more about happen inside each investor’s

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • 2 Ways to Profit from Canada’s Changing Retail Sector

    Despite recent turmoil in the space, consumers continue to spend.

  • An Offer the Fed Refused

    Have you ever been to a movie that’s been hyped for months … and then it’s a dud? I have. That’s what this week felt like for U.S. stocks. The buildup to the Federal Reserve’s announcement (and several other key economic and earnings reports*) turned out to be much ado about nothing. As of midday […]

  • A Glimpse of Life Without Pipelines

    When a major fuel line sprang a leak some pumps in the South ran out of gas and prices jumped. We can’t get by without this vital infrastructure.

  • Fed Punts, But It Should Have Hiked

    I’ll give this to the Federal Reserve, it is independent. The Fed turned a deaf ear to a growing chorus of economists and Wall Street analysts saying that the economy can withstand a modest uptick in short-term interest rates, and it didn’t feel compelled to raise rates this week.  Instead it left the target range […]

  • The Fed Deserves an Oscar

    Bravo, Fed.It was a clever bit of acting this week by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and her troupe of governors that would convince us a return to normal, higher rates is almost at hand.But by now income investors should recognize that backstage the Fed is clinging to low rates as the U.S. economy is still too […]

  • How to Play the Internet Ad Explosion

    Wednesday was a good day for the markets, but a great day for a company called The Trade Desk. It was also a day that bodes well for one of my Profit Catalyst holdings.Smart investors are looking for a way to capitalize on the explosive growth in Internet advertising, and on Wednesday Internet ad firm […]

  • Small Steps to Great Wealth

    Most Americans are broke.A recent Federal Reserve Board study found that 46% of Americans said they didn’t have enough in savings to cover a $400 emergency expense.A new survey by found that close to half of Americans who make $100,000 to $149,999 a year have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts – and about […]

  • The Fed Stands Pat

    After months of anticipation, mixed signals and several million perceptive predictions by professional prognosticators, the Fed today announced that it will do nothing.The Federal Open Market Committee said it would keep short-term interest rates unchanged, despite a relatively optimistic outlook on economic growth. The FOMC statement, released this afternoon, said “the case for an increase […]

  • A Dangerous Precedent

    The Obama Administration’s decision to overrule a judge and suspend a previously granted pipeline construction permit was a grave mistake for the economy and the rule of law.

  • We’ll Cross That Bridge When We…

    The New York Times took an in-depth look at infrastructure yesterday — and the editors are bullish. Part of the reason is politics. Democratic presidential candidates usually favor more spending on infrastructure, appealing to their union base. But this year, the Republican candidate seems to agree. Clinton and Trump both advocate a massive infrastructure program […]

  • The Price of Terrorism

    Not only does terrorism take a human toll, it has a real economic impact.

  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

    Brace yourself for a wild week in the markets.

  • In Through the Out Door

    This cross-border deal means investors can buy a mostly American utility at the cheaper Canadian exchange rate.

  • The M&A Guessing Game: Who’s Next?

    More utility sector consolidation is ahead.

  • You’ve Got to Steer Your Boat

    One of the Great Truths of Investing is that diversification is the key to avoiding roller-coaster returns in your long-term portfolio. That “Truth” looks more and more like a myth. I’m not saying diversification won’t smooth out returns in some cases. It will. That’s certainly true in a stock portfolio. Owning 12 to 20 stocks […]

  • Wells Fargo Sins, But …

    It's still a strong company, and buying on dips will be profitable.

  • Are Mega Mergers Going to Die on the Vine?

    We may be living in the “Year of the Mega Deal,” but the latest announced merger may signal an era is coming to an end.Bayer’s (OTC: BAYRY) proposed takeover of Monsanto (NYSE: MON), is a transaction valued at $66 billion including debt, making it the biggest deal of the year and the largest transaction ever […]

  • We Know This Much Is True

    Now that both presidential candidates have informed the world of their blood pressure and cholesterol counts, here’s hoping the inane campaign coverage turns to topics that really matter to the future of our country and the world.From an economic perspective, it’d be nice for the media to examine both candidates’ spending and tax proposals. So […]

  • Noble Breaks the Ice

    The first MLP IPO of 2016 offered investors a stake in the successful shale driller’s midstream assets.

  • Blue Skies for Wages … But Turbulence Ahead

    Great economic news yesterday. The Census Department announced that median household income rose 5.2% in 2015. That’s much higher than expected, and the biggest jump since the Great Recession ended. What does it mean? First, that other signs of wage growth aren’t an illusion. Lower unemployment tends to put upward pressure on wages, and that […]