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Stocks to Watch

The Pentagon’s $250 Billion Windfall For Investors

Despite the demagoguery you heard during the presidential campaign about America’s supposedly neglected military, the Pentagon isn’t exactly rattling a tin cup. The United States spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined.

Under Donald Trump, the country’s already

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • 10 Warning Signs Your Investment Is a Sinking Ship

    How many times have you heard someone on CNBC say: “This stock is a screaming buy!” But just because a smug guy in an expensive suit is saying it, doesn’t make it true. Beneath the enthusiasm could be hidden risks.I distinctly remember television analysts telling viewers in 2008 to buy Bear Stearns with both hands, […]

  • Don’t Get Burned By Bonds

    Rising yields are tempting, but uncertainty makes them risky.

  • Shale Stocks Hit Jackpot After OPEC Cut

    Our recent bullish calls on oil and oil stocks produced huge payoffs after the exporters’ cartel agreed to curb output.

  • Oil Price Frenzy: Big Opportunity or Sucker’s Bet?

    Wall Street is giddy over the latest oil price bounce, but you should be leery. The energy market has played Lucy-with-the-football before.Crude oil surged Wednesday after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reached an agreement to curtail production by 1.2 million barrels a day. OPEC currently produces 33.6 million barrels a day, a record […]

  • Profit Strategies for a “Black Swan” Presidency

    In 2008, the U.S. elected for the first time as president a black man. In 2016, the country elected for the first time as president…a black swan. In Wall Street lingo, a “black swan” describes a shocking, unexpected event that carries disproportionately high consequences. A classic example of this rare bird is the global financial […]

  • Biofuel Quota Insults Injured Refiners

    The EPA has just increased an ethanol mandate that was already costing the industry dearly. Will President Trump attempt a rollback?

  • Santa Claus Came to Town – and Left

    Investors waiting for the market’s annual “Santa Claus Rally” have already missed it, and it’s not even Dec. 1.  The President-elect took the reigns from Jolly Ole Saint Nick and drove the market to new highs.The problem is super-bullish investor sentiment matched with rosy expectations may result in an early New Year’s market hangover.The American […]

  • The 7 Signs of a Dying Bull

    This aging, seven-year bull market is staggering into the final month of 2016 on wobbly legs. How long before it collapses and dies?Born in early 2009 amid the rubble of the Great Recession, the current market upswing is the second longest in U.S. history, surpassing the streak that lasted from 1949 to 1956.Many analysts are […]

  • Trumping Prognostications

    Despite the dire predictions, even the market doesn’t think Trump is the end of technology.

  • Join The Billionaires Club

    Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Carl Icahn, Bill Gates, and even Vladimir Putin all have one thing in common: they’re multi-billionaires. Well, no one’s completely sure about Trump’s real net worth. But if it seems to you that billionaires are running the world, you’re not wrong.A recent study released by the charity Oxfam revealed […]

  • Can Trump Build a Goldilocks Economy?

    Since Donald Trump’s upset victory the stock market has gone on a tear, with all the major indexes hitting record highs this week. That was unexpected, but even more surprising to us is the great performance of the high-yield holdings in our Personal Finance Maximum Income for Retirees portfolio. While the S&P 500 gained 3.1% […]

  • The Flock of Turkeys in the Trump Economy

    The stock market seems to be predicting a Trump economic growth miracle, but don’t rush into growth stocks.Lots can go wrong.Not to put a damper on our record market highs this week, and we all are probably sick of turkey right now, but let’s consider all the turkeys that can crash this optimism-fueled market party.Particularly […]

  • The Day of the Locust…and Other Musings

    On the day after Thanksgiving, we’re reminded that certain American rituals are sacred. I’m referring, of course, to the locust-like infestations of consumers at shopping malls on Black Friday. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t know what to make of Black Friday, but it’s now a de facto holiday deeply woven into the national fabric. As frenzied […]

  • Giving Thanks For Promises Delivered

    Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, especially to the people in our lives who make good on their promises. If those delivered promises actually make us money, all the better. Jim Pearce, chief investment strategist for our publications Personal Finance and Breakthrough Tech Profits, touted some very large gains in the most recent issue […]

  • No Cooling Seen in Fossil Fuel Demand

    A respected forecaster warns of another global oil shock if underinvestment in new projects continues for much longer.

  • The Last Shall Be First

    One of the most unloved utilities of the past two years now boasts the highest projected earnings growth in the sector.

  • Yield of Dreams

    Searching for high yield without high risk sometimes feels akin to chasing unicorns.

  • Lessons From The Worst Stock Crashes Ever

    Investment history is rife with infamous examples of stocks that quickly blew up and crashed in flames to the ground, like the Hindenburg at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Investors lost their shirts, before they could cry out: “Oh, the humanity!”Aside from being fiery catastrophes, these equity plunges also are instructional. Below is a quick look at […]

  • Best Buy? Not So Much

    Best Buy’s stock isn’t the best buy right now. In fact, I’d be more inclined to sell the stock than buy it after reviewing its recent quarter. With a rousing 14% rally greeting its third quarter earnings release I was eager to learn about how the company managed to be one of the few retailers […]

  • 5 Investing Statements That Make You Sound Like an Idiot

    I get some of my best topics from readers. This email arrived yesterday in my inbox and it’s worth sharing:“When you think about the past U.S. presidential election, voters were subjected to a lot of ridiculous assertions. I’m wondering, what are some of the dumbest investment statements you’ve ever heard?” — Charles K.Think about the […]