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Technical Nuggets: Wall Street’s Twilight Zone May be About to Change

It’s not Halloween yet, but Wall Street feels a lot like a mix of the Twilight Zone, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and Strawberry Fields, as the big brokerage houses and their talking heads float on a central bank easy money fueled boat on a mythical river where nothing is real and they

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • Most Loved Partnerships

    Some of the MLPs rated highest by Wall Street analysts are ones we wouldn’t go near.

  • Bonds, Bubbles and Miami Vice

    How to protect yourself from a bond market collapse.

  • Remodel Your Portfolio

    Thinking of replacing those bulky kitchen cabinets or having your bathroom remodeled? Take a number. Contractors are swamped with requests for quotes these days from homeowners eager to spruce up their biggest asset.Demand for remodeling is set to surpass records set 10 years ago during the housing boom. A recent analysis by the Harvard Joint Center […]

  • Gasoline, NatGas Demand at Records

    Low energy prices have worked their magic once again, encouraging Americans to hit the road as never before and power plants to burn more natural gas than ever.

  • Profiting Month-by-Month

    The hardest part of making a new product is figuring out what to charge.

  • Beyond the Earnings Drag

    In sifting through second-quarter earnings, we found one Canadian stock that bears watching.

  • When the Music Stops: Utilities with Enduring Value

    Regardless of what happens in the sector, the most productive utilities will do the best job of holding their value.

  • A Tale of Two Apples

    It was the best of Apples, it was the worst of Apples—depending on what type of investor you are. At the same time a high-profile hedge fund manager was reducing his position in Apple during the second quarter of this year, legendary investor Warren Buffett was increasing his stake by 55%. That brings the amount of […]

  • Avoid This Sneaky MLP Tax

    Growth incentives paid to sponsors can dramatically reduce investor returns. Here are the partnerships that don’t play this game.

  • Don’t Catch Gold Fever

    It’s not just Olympians going for the gold.

  • Rocky Road Investing

    I recently returned from a trip to the wild northwest of Ireland. The people of Connemara were warm; the weather chilly and misty. Hot tea or cool Guinness was consumed at every stop and lively conversation wove its way among tin whistle melodies.But I couldn’t quite take off my analyst cap, as the sharp boulders […]

  • Geothermal and Chill

    This mature renewable technology performs more consistently that wind or solar power. It’s a small niche with a red-hot stock.

  • Is the S&P 500 Nearing a Breakout to the Upside?

    In my most recent Technical Nuggets column, (August 1, 2016) I noted: “Lower interest rates have created momentum conditions where higher prices continue to bring in buyers.  This momentum dynamic has pushed this bull market much further than anyone could have expected and the current trend remains up but is showing signs that a correction […]

  • A Mixed Report Card

    Despite sales declines, utilities continue to grind out earnings growth.

  • Surprise, Surprise!

    Upside earnings surprises could indicate future outperformance.

  • The Hole in Your Portfolio

    Today, we’re announcing the end of one of our newsletters, but not the end of our faith in emerging markets (though you may have given up on them a long time ago). It’s a faith we continue to champion in our Personal Finance newsletter as a key growth engine in a balanced portfolio. I’ll tell […]

  • Surf’s Up for Fracking Sand Suppliers

    The sector has rallied hard alongside the shares of key oil patch customers.

  • Hero Worship

    Calling a company a “hero” for doing what it should be doing—investing for the future—seems odd. But after another quarter of declining productivity and business investment we know many companies aren’t spending for future growth.Those companies that do reinvest are being called “U.S. investment heroes” by many economists and investment analysts. This small group of […]

  • [CONTROVERSIAL] 9 of 10 Americans Clueless About This

    We crunched the data.We did this survey work.Our conclusion: More than 9 out of 10 Americans aren’t aware of how pervasive “invisible dot” technology has become in their everyday lives.What we didn’t know was that it would cause such a stir across our readership.Since I published the first part of this story last week, my article […]

  • The Excellent Oil & Gas Co.

    EOG isn’t the largest U.S. oil and gas producer but it is the best, as confirmed by the latest results.