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Stock Market Investing

We Don’t Know Yet for Whom the Brexit Tolls

In only one week the reaction to Britain’s vote to exit the European Union seems to have reversed course, swinging from shock to apathy. Despite dropping more than 5% in the two trading days immediately following the vote, the S&P 500 Index mostly recovered during the next three trading

29 Stocks to Sell Now!

If you own just one of these companies, your portfolio is at risk today. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.

  • The End of Capitalism?

    Here we go again.Just as we were recovering from the Asian market collapse, the Brexit shock means markets will continue to be volatile. On the plus side, the dollar will continue to strengthen given its global safe-haven status, which strengthens investment trends we have long been pursuing at Global Income Edge.  One of those trends […]

  • No Time to Head for Exits

    The UK vote in favor of leaving the European Union shocked markets, but oil traders will not care for long.  

  • Despite Brexit, Keep the Technology

    The Brexit is roiling markets, but tech investors should stay the course.

  • What a Time to Be Alive

    Brexit just gave fearful investors another reason to pile into utilities.

  • Alert: Brexit Triggers Global Reaction

     Fears that the British would vote with their feet and leave the European Union came true, narrowly, yesterday, and today markets are paying the price. A slight majority of UK voters (51.9% to 48.1%) felt that greater autonomy was the key to solving the country’s social, economic and political problems. Although the separation may take […]

  • Canada’s Best Auto Stock

    The Great White North’s automotive industry is on the upswing, and this company is in the driver’s seat.

  • Enviva Looking Chipper

    Our March pick now leads all MLPs over the last year as demand for its clean-burning wood pellets expands.

  • Battle of Britain Redux

    The possibility of a “Brexit” has been looming over the global markets for months, and now the big day is nearly here. While the betting markets are favoring Britain choosing to remain in the E.U., and initial polls showed “Stay” would likely win by at least a narrow margin, opinion has been shifting. More recent […]

  • The Investment That Works Like A Paycheck

    What if you could get a weekly “paycheck” from your investments?Where every single week, you collect an up-front deposit of $1,150, $1,692.50, or even as much as $2,800?Today I’d like to show you…How an underutilized investment technique can produce a $1,692.50 “paycheck” every weekHow thousands of regular people are using itThe 3 simple steps that […]

  • Coal’s Terrible, No Good, Worst Year Ever

    Big demand declines in the U.S. and China have left much riding on India’s growth and a rebound in natural gas prices.

  • Bracing for Brexit

    Brexit has been tossing the stock market around like a rag doll in the last week.  The June 23 vote decides whether Britain will remain part of the EU, and up until recently the stock market had smugly assumed the status quo.On June 10 a poll by British newspaper The Independent showed a 10 percentage […]

  • Jim Fink: Thousands of people could make $100,000 this way too…

    The following is an interview with master trader Jim Fink, an expert in income investing strategies. We sat down to discuss a unique income technique that he has used for several decades.Jim, you’ve adopted an interesting strategy of “scheduling” trades that you make on a weekly basis. Can you tell us why?Sure. My goal in developing this approach was to […]

  • Technical Nuggets: Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain, or Not

    Something is amiss in the financial markets as evidenced by their increasing volatility.  And while I’m not looking to be an alarmist, my analysis of multiple technical indicators suggests that more money is coming out of stocks than going into them.

  • From The Presidential Election to Bad Breadth: How to Play Patterns in the Markets

    The incomprehensibly vast galaxy Andromeda has the same spiral shape as a tiny nautilus seashell on the beach.A sped-up film of cars speeding through highways closely resembles blood pumping through human arteries.And just as you can find patterns like this in nature, you can find patterns in the markets. Below is a snapshot of a […]

  • The Fear Trade Is Still Alive

    Investor anxiety has created near-perfect conditions for safe havens such as utilities.

  • Financials: Down But Not Out

    June has been a rough month for financial stocks. They took a pounding following a weak jobs report and dipped again this week after the Fed decided to stand pat on interest rates.Weak employment means a weak economy, and a weak economy is an excuse for the Fed to keep rates low, which hurts financial […]

  • Brexit Could Slow U.S. Growth

    Polls show the June 23 Brexit vote uncomfortably close.  Investors (and even central bankers) should be worried that global growth will slow if the Brits choose to leave the Eurozone. And if Brexit happens, the biggest loser will be the United Kingdom, given it will have to renegotiate trade agreements the world over, potentially at […]

  • Who’s Behind Canada’s Big Market Rally?

    Foreign inflows tell part of the story.

  • How to Get Rich in Appalachia

    Moving natural gas for producers with limited options has worked wonders for multiple MLPs, including one of our biggest winners.

  • “Pit Trader” Investing Secret Revealed

    I wasn’t even working in the investment business.In fact, investing was the furthest thing from my mind.I had just earned my law degree from Columbia and joined a prestigious law firm in Chicago.The hours were terrible and the work was tedious… though it felt good to earn a large salary.But then fate stepped in.Something happened that would […]