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Welcome to Big Yield Hunting

You Want Big Growth and High Yields!

“There is no more powerful way to let your money compound than with the double-digit rates in high-yielding stocks found in Big Yield Hunting.”

You worked hard for your money, and now you want your money to work hard for you.

You want a portfolio that pays you back.

You demand big growth and high yields.

You enjoy the thrill of the hunt for big payoffs.

You love the suspense of the stock market and dare it to defy you.

You are a Big Yield Hunter.

Investing Daily financial advisers Ari Charney and Khoa Nguyen lead investors through the investment jungle on the hunt for big-paying stocks. Together they run the most tightly focused high-yield advisory service in the business: Big Yield Hunting.

Each month Ari and Khoa bring subscribers new high-yielding stocks, researched in-depth, virtually guaranteed to pay you double-digit results.

Big Yield Hunting has guided thousands of investors to secure annual yields that pay out 14.1% from the world’s most lucrative dividend machines.

Right now, our picks yield 13.2%… 12.1%… 10.5%… 10.9%… 14.1%… Payouts that can add up in your portfolio.

These are the kinds of paydays that Big Yield Hunters live for.

These stocks could be hiding anywhere—Asia… Europe… Australia… South America… even right here in the U.S.A.

But the one thing they all have in common is yields so high you can beat the market, even if the stock never moves up. That’s because they’re yielding up to 14.1%.

When you compound yields like that over the years, the results will astound you (and make you rich). In just 10 years, $10,000 compounding at 14.1% turns into $37,399. You’ve almost quadrupled your money without lifting a finger—and that’s before any gains you make on the appreciation!

Smart money lets wealth build upon wealth—continuously. And there’s no more powerful way to let your money compound than with the double-digit rates in high-yielding stocks found in Big Yield Hunting.

The Proof

In October 2011, Big Yield Hunting told subscribers about PetroBakken (TSX: PBN, OTC: PBKEF), an oil company managing 2,300 development drilling locations. It was an easily overlooked company, with low output, and not a mover and shaker like other oil companies.

We told subscribers the truth—that we felt the low output was due to unusual weather conditions, and therefore, the company’s performance and stock would increase and improve.

We told subscribers to buy while it still traded at just $8.35 per share. Less than one year later, in September 2012, we told subscribers it was time to sell. The stock price had grown from $8.35 to $14.54! Plus it paid $1.49 per share in dividends! The payday had arrived!

Subscribers scored a 92% gain in less than one year!

Were you one of them?

Big Yield Hunting Performs for You

You are invited to join an exclusive group of investors committed to hunting down the world’s most generous income investments.

In each monthly edition of Big Yield Hunting, Ari and Khoa profile ONE new high-yield performer for your consideration.

You will get a brief transcript of their conversation, including their research and an explanation as to why they chose the stock.

That’s it—no long editorializing or daily alerts. Just the facts, once a month, emailed directly to you.

Hundreds of Dollars a Month

Big Yield Hunting subscribers generate hundreds of dollars in extra cash every month. Buy these stocks and you’ll own a never-ending cash machine, too.

Invest $10,000 in each pick and you could pull in $1,000 a month. That’s a nice cash income stream to pay bills, reinvest, save for the future or take on vacation. No matter what your investing goals include, if you want big yields and big payoffs, Big Yield Hunting is for you.

What subscribers are saying about
Big Yield Hunting:

“Through you… my family is financially set… We live a dream life made possible by your team’s advice… Most importantly, I sleep soundly every night.”
—Bill K.

“Thank you for the profits that your publication has brought my way. I am an individual investor trying to live securely in a very volatile age. My experience with brokerage houses has been extremely disappointing, and I have fared much better on my own.”
—Mary T.
Arlington, VA

“I am taking care of my mother who is 82 and in a nursing home. Your advice has been able to keep her comfortable [even though] nursing care is so expensive. I now have a great income-producing portfolio that doesn’t dip like the Dow or Nasdaq on bad days and goes up in value almost every day.”
—Chuck B.
Albany, OR

“Few investment newsletters these days cover equities that generate income—and your publication is a standout among this select group. You are doing a great job, and I appreciate all of the skill and effort that goes into turning out this most outstanding newsletter.”
—Atlee K.
Irving, TX

“I just renewed… Keep that good information coming. You’ve made me money this year. Happy New Year!”—Jim H.

We can’t promise every pick will be a double-digit-yielder. But since we began two years ago, every pick has yielded at least close to 10%… and most well above it.

Don’t believe us? With your subscription you can check out our portfolio, including both closed and open positions, and see how well they performed.

Our job is to inform you of the biggest yields at an acceptable risk. Sometimes that means a double-digit yield like a recent 10.4%… and other times it means only an 8% or 9% yield.

Your job is to decide if the payoff is worth the risk, buy it and enjoy the returns.

We provide projected price targets for every trade, letting you know the best entry and exit points to maximize your profits. We also follow up on previous recommendations to make sure you get the most out of your trades.

Click here right now to get started on your way to an extra $1,000 in your pocket every month.

Just $5 a Month

For just $5 a month, you will receive Big Yield Hunting and all of the information you need to enjoy yields of up to 14.1%!

There is simply no better investment for $5/month.

If you join today, this private, exclusive newsletter will be emailed directly to you every month. 12 times a year, you will receive prime high-yield trade information and advice well before the general public.

Iron-Clad Guarantee

If Big Yield Hunting is not for you (maybe the thrill of the hunt or the excitement of the risk is just too much), you may cancel at any time, for any reason, in the first 30 days and get a full refund of your membership. Any time after the first 30 days, you may still cancel and get a full refund for the unused portion of your membership. No questions asked.

There is a lot of money to be made here. Let’s make it together.

Join Us Today!

Get our newest thoroughly researched double-digit-yielder in your inbox within minutes. Check out our track record. Read the past issues. Become a Big Yield Hunter.

14.1% yields are just a click away. Subscribe now!


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