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Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are one of the few sectors in the global economy poised for consistent growth for years to come. Oil, coal and natural gas… extraction, refining, and delivery… and farther afield even to industries tied to energy prices such as chemicals, food and fiber… energy stocks offer one of the best long-term investments in the world.

The energy stocks archive below offers an extensive collection of investment ideas designed to give independent investors a clear picture of significant long-term trends and the leading opportunities in energy stocks. Learn how LNG is reshaping the market, how the shale gas revolution is affecting your portfolio, and what the future may hold for oil and coal. For more on one of our favorite energy sector darlings, check out our latest free special report on uranium investing.

The New Art of Utility Investing

New economic and technological realities require a new type of investment strategy.

The Wild Ride

The inflation trade is racing ahead of reality.

Shale Stocks Hit Jackpot After OPEC Cut

Our recent bullish calls on oil and oil stocks produced huge payoffs after the exporters’ cartel agreed to curb output.

Biofuel Quota Insults Injured Refiners

The EPA has just increased an ethanol mandate that was already costing the industry dearly. Will President Trump attempt a rollback?

No Cooling Seen in Fossil Fuel Demand

A respected forecaster warns of another global oil shock if underinvestment in new projects continues for much longer.

The Last Shall Be First

One of the most unloved utilities of the past two years now boasts the highest projected earnings growth in the sector.

Yield of Dreams

Searching for high yield without high risk sometimes feels akin to chasing unicorns.

The New Utility Chess Game

Facing flat or declining electricity sales, more and more utilities are going out-of-state to bring in new business.

No End in Sight for Permian Bonanza

The government now thinks the leading U.S. basin holds enough undiscovered oil to sustain the current production rate for decades.

Liar, Liar, Faucet on Fire

Another deceptive claim advanced by the popular anti-fracking film Gasland has failed the science test.

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