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Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are one of the few sectors in the global economy poised for consistent growth for years to come. Oil, coal and natural gas… extraction, refining, and delivery… and farther afield even to industries tied to energy prices such as chemicals, food and fiber… energy stocks offer one of the best long-term investments in the world.

The energy stocks archive below offers an extensive collection of investment ideas designed to give independent investors a clear picture of significant long-term trends and the leading opportunities in energy stocks. Learn how LNG is reshaping the market, how the shale gas revolution is affecting your portfolio, and what the future may hold for oil and coal. For more on one of our favorite energy sector darlings, check out our latest free special report on uranium investing.

Beyond Fossil Fuels

Hydropower, nuclear and renewable energy emit less carbon, but each has its own warts and costs.

The Great Natural Gas Grab

Income investors should focus on utilities that buy shale assets to protect profit margins.

Infrastructure: The Future of Investing for Income

A huge, pent-up demand to build infrastructure is the single greatest opportunity ahead  

Down and Dirty With Fossil Fuels

The world’s favorite energy sources have important drawbacks as well, notably in terms of pollution and global warming.

Growth and Income from Canada’s Energy Patch

Weak commodity prices have caused energy exploration and production stocks to sell off since their highs in June, and that means their shares now trade at more compelling valuations.

A Slippery Slope for Crude

Oil’s recent slide has hurt energy stocks but should reward the patient investor.

Feds Open Up the Renewable Highways

A major ruling will expand the transmission grid to allow for more renewable energy, which could accelerate the earnings divide between fossil-fuel heavy utilities and their greener peers.

How to Incinerate $2 Billion

Former biofuels darling KiOR has burned through that much capital and debt in three short years by heavily hyping its inefficient technology. But it does offer some valuable investing lessons.

Pulp Fiction: The Broken Promises of Biofuels

The technologies for making fuel from organic waste have been around for a long time, but there’s a long way to go before they live up to the hype.

The Weather Giveth, and the Weather Taketh Away

Utility earnings have always been at the mercy of the weather, but that doesn’t mean investors have to be.

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