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Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are one of the few sectors in the global economy poised for consistent growth for years to come. Oil, coal and natural gas… extraction, refining, and delivery… and farther afield even to industries tied to energy prices such as chemicals, food and fiber… energy stocks offer one of the best long-term investments in the world.

The energy stocks archive below offers an extensive collection of investment ideas designed to give independent investors a clear picture of significant long-term trends and the leading opportunities in energy stocks. Learn how LNG is reshaping the market, how the shale gas revolution is affecting your portfolio, and what the future may hold for oil and coal. For more on one of our favorite energy sector darlings, check out our latest free special report on uranium investing.

Stalking Apache

The big shale driller hasn’t been bought out yet but does look tempting based on financials few peers can match.

Special Situations for Undervalued Utilities

A potential Fed rate hike and uncertainty over a British exit from the European Union could create buying opportunities.

Taking the Measure of Battered Petroleum

BP still looks like the cheapest supermajor, and the one likeliest to be targeted in a merger. 

A Blast From the Past

Refining stocks have performed abysmally this year, which came as no surprise to our readers.

Electric Cars to the Rescue?

Some Wall Street executives believe electric cars could help bolster utility valuations in the face of declining electricity demand.

The Grid of Tomorrow

We want a piece of the action.

Don’t Fall for the Snake Oil on Crude Demand

Global consumption keeps growing no matter how the alarmists try to twist the math.

Comcast’s Bid for the Content Throne

The cable company knows that content is king.

Fiber Diet Tough on Biofuel Producers

Second-generation biofuels  require rapid and costly duplication of natural processes that produce crude oil over eons. Despite a trail of bankruptcies, survivors persevere.

A Stirring Proposition From Green Plains

The first ethanol logistics MLP is outearning its 12% yield, but might have trouble growing. 

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