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Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are one of the few sectors in the global economy poised for consistent growth for years to come. Oil, coal and natural gas… extraction, refining, and delivery… and farther afield even to industries tied to energy prices such as chemicals, food and fiber… energy stocks offer one of the best long-term investments in the world.

The energy stocks archive below offers an extensive collection of investment ideas designed to give independent investors a clear picture of significant long-term trends and the leading opportunities in energy stocks. Learn how LNG is reshaping the market, how the shale gas revolution is affecting your portfolio, and what the future may hold for oil and coal. For more on one of our favorite energy sector darlings, check out our latest free special report on uranium investing.

A New Lifeline for Nuclear

Various initiatives are underway to revive the nuclear power industry, which could make some electric utilities excellent long-term investments.

A Dangerous Precedent

The Obama Administration’s decision to overrule a judge and suspend a previously granted pipeline construction permit was a grave mistake for the economy and the rule of law.

The M&A Guessing Game: Who’s Next?

More utility sector consolidation is ahead.

The Energy Superpower

Despite advances elsewhere, U.S. remains the dominant producer with an unmatched range of investment opportunities.

The Mega-Merger That Everyone’s Talking About

Enbridge’s audacious bid for Spectra will create a continent-beating midstream empire, but leverage is still a big concern.

All Hail the New King of Pipelines

Spectra’s $28 billion merger with Canada’s Enbridge will crown a new midstream leader.

Buffett’s Favorite Refiner Spared Squeeze

Phillips 66 shares have held up much better than those of its rivals as Berkshire-Hathaway keeps adding to its major stake.

Trump vs. Clinton: A Race Between Fossil Fuels and Green Energy

The presidential candidates have sharp divisions in their respective energy policies.

Crude Not Going Off the Deep End

Oil output in the Gulf of Mexico should set a record soon, which isn’t great news for the out-of-sync producers.

Early Retirement for Nukes

Entergy's shift away from nuclear just earned it a big boost.

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