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Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are one of the few sectors in the global economy poised for consistent growth for years to come. Oil, coal and natural gas… extraction, refining, and delivery… and farther afield even to industries tied to energy prices such as chemicals, food and fiber… energy stocks offer one of the best long-term investments in the world.

The energy stocks archive below offers an extensive collection of investment ideas designed to give independent investors a clear picture of significant long-term trends and the leading opportunities in energy stocks. Learn how LNG is reshaping the market, how the shale gas revolution is affecting your portfolio, and what the future may hold for oil and coal. For more on one of our favorite energy sector darlings, check out our latest free special report on uranium investing.

US Grabs Lead in Natural Gas

Fracking shale has delivered an unequaled bounty and long-term investment opportunities.

The Feds Step Up Utility Growth

Federal regulators’ focus on long-term growth in setting utility profits could mean improved earnings for some utilities.

LNG Export Projects Travel Long Road

The list of authorized exporters has recently doubled, and more are waiting their turn. Plus: chat followups on Noble and Laredo.

Why Crude’s at Home in Triple Digits

Oil trades above $100 a barrel despite the shale drilling boom because developing world demand has grown even faster.

Utility M&A Mania: Reaching for Growth

Some utilities hope mergers and acquisitions will generate sufficient earnings growth to support the run-up in share prices.

A Slippery Slope for Crude Exports Ban

Last week's easing of restrictions could be followed by other moves to ease the domestic supply glut. 

Utility Deals Down Under

Australian energy infrastructure assets are popular with investors foreign and domestic for their stability and their high yields.

BP Drives Home Crude Realities

Its annual statistical energy survey shows just how reliant the world has grown on the US shale boom.

New EPA Rules Will Accelerate the Shale Revolution

New proposed EPA regulations to reduce carbon emissions on existing power plants add further support to the shale gas revolution. 

The Global Renewable Energy Report Card

The leading survey shows solar gaining on alternatives even as the growth rate has slowed.

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