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The U.S. Government Officially Doubled Projections for Bakken Oil Recoveries
Phase 2 of the Bakken Bonanza Is Underway

Our Expert Energy Guide Will Show You the Way

Welcome to The Energy Strategist, the investing service that puts you squarely in the path of the fiercest supply-and-demand squeeze we’ll ever see: the global energy battle.

The Energy Strategist is the only energy advisory written by an engineer who actually works in the field and understands the technology behind the numbers.

Our top energy analyst Robert Rapier is no armchair commentator. He travels around the world evaluating startup energy companies for wealthy private investors and hedge funds.

After assessing the technology on site, he makes a go/no-go investment recommendation that can mean millions of dollars flowing into these outfits.

His energy expertise has taken him all over the globe. For two years, Robert was an efficiency expert in a Texas petrochemical plant. The process changes he implemented saved the facility nine million dollars a year. From there he transferred to Germany, where he designed a novel butanol unit that cut production costs by $5 million per year. He was awarded one of his 5 patents for this work (U.S. Patent 7,087,795—method for the production of aldehydes).

He later went to work for ConocoPhillips in Oklahoma. There he ran a research lab developing gas-to-liquids technology, and received 3 patents for the work he did there. One was for a new way to convert ethane into ethylene that cut production costs by $5 million per year (U.S. Patent 7,074,977).

From there he moved to the ConocoPhillips refinery in Billings, Montana, where he was on a team that optimized the refinery for maximum profitability. One of his duties was gasoline blending, where he eliminated inefficiencies to capture more than $1 million in annual savings.

From there he ran a team of engineers in Scotland for ConocoPhillips for two years, developing oil and gas projects in the North Sea.

He later worked as the Engineering Director for a Dutch environmental-technology company and provided engineering support for a facility in China that the company was constructing.

Finally, he moved into his current role—based in Hawaii—conducting technical due diligence on new energy projects.

Robert’s comprehensive energy expertise is invaluable to investors. There is no corner of the energy universe he hasn’t studied. Here’s how he puts it…

“Right now I’m looking at every energy source out there: natural gas, hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar, nuclear, coal, wind… and it’s obvious that oil is still by far the most important for investors. The combination of voracious demand by developing countries and the depletion of easy-to-extract oil is strongly bullish for oil.

“In other words, oil is still key to the world’s future.

“Despite much hype to the contrary, there is no scalable, economically viable replacement for oil on the horizon.

“Fact: Oil rose to prominence as the world’s dominant fuel for three unbeatable reasons: cost, convenience and abundance.

“Fact: No alternative fulfills all three criteria. No alternative is even close to providing energy on a scalable basis. (I wish this were not true, but it is. And I never mix political sympathies with investing recommendations.)

“Fact: Oil presently makes up a third of the global energy mix and is without a doubt the most irreplaceable component.

“In short, to be clear: I am long-term bullish on oil. If you’re serious about building real wealth—you should be bullish on oil, too.

“Don’t be fooled about the direction of oil markets on the basis of Western consumption trends. Future oil prices will be dictated by surging demand in developing countries—and so will the pace of oil exploration and production.

“That’s why in the long run production will have a hard time staying ahead of demand—the classic recipe for higher prices.”

Going Deep

Since the mother of all oil fields was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1948, 60% of the world’s oil has come from the largest 1% of oilfields.

No longer. These huge conventional oil fields are more than 40 years old on average, well past peak production.

To fill the supply gap, domestic producers are using increasingly sophisticated methods for extracting oil and natural gas from proven oilfields. Breakthroughs in “fracking” technology and, more recently, geo-steering have uncovered massive layers of recoverable energy that were previously inaccessible.

Which brings me to one of Robert’s top recommendations right now…

Bakken’s Hidden Gem

Here’s how you can join the party…

Imagine the Bakken-Three Forks as a giant subterranean cookie. Like this one, only the size of a whole U.S. state…


Except the “creamy center” of this cookie is loaded with sweet Bakken crude.

Robert’s new top-secret recommendation boasts prime holdings of 85,000 acres in the core of the Phase 2 Bakken and Three Forks, but that’s not all.

This Hidden Gem wields a “secret weapon.” He’s a maestro of the complex art of geo-steering drill bits through two miles of rocky shale—and then following them with uncanny accuracy to the oil-laden “creamy center” of the Bakken cookie as it undulates beneath the surface of the Earth.

As I write, this driller is producing stunning recovery rates that are the talk of the Bakken region—even drawing comparisons in some holdings to the rates of Bakken oil giants like Continental’s double-digit return and EOG Resources’ triple-digit return.

The Intriguing Story…

On the rolling plains of western North Dakota, near a couple of specks on the map named Killdeer and Grassy Butte, there’s an artist at work.

In a nutshell, this fellow is a well-driller extraordinaire.

When speaking of him, admiring colleagues are inclined to say he has a “particular expertise” in one of the most exacting professions on planet Earth—geo-steering a drill bit to the sweet spot of a shale formation.

With over 20 years of field experience, he’s explored in 17 separate petroleum provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada. His technical expertise includes directional horizontal drilling, working with complex carbonate depositional systems, stacked plays and unconventional oil and gas shale.

Translation: His skills are tailor-made for the Bakken-Three Forks.

Bakken-Three Forks

Perhaps the best way to describe this artist’s “particular expertise” is to take another look at that cookie example.

According to Drilling Contractor magazine, the practitioners of ultra-deep geo-steering compare it to drilling down miles through rock to reach a giant cookie—and then drilling sideways while following the creamy center.

Sounds difficult, no?

The really hard part is staying inside that thin, creamy center of shale-bearing oil as the cookie layers rise and fall through rock, sand and dirt.

Keep in mind, while all this is going on, your drill bit could be over 10,000 feet—roughly two miles—beneath the surface of the Earth!

No wonder some say the job is akin to a subterranean brain surgeon!

Top-Notch Results

Guided by its geo-steering maestro, Robert’s top pick continues to impress with unexpectedly robust recovery rates in McKenzie Country, the heart of the Bakken-Three Forks.

Production jumped 80% last year. It was forecast to double this year, but management just announced it’s raising that expectation on the strength of positive recent trends.

Track Record of Production Growth

Of course, all small-cap oil and gas producers are aggressive buys carrying some risk along with the potential to deliver outsized rewards.

You may recall how early investors who grasped the Bakken’s potential reaped profits as high as 3,300%.

They made fortunes in Brigham Exploration, Continental Resources, Northern Oil & Gas, Rosetta Resources and Primary Petroleum, to name a few. Those early bets were not without risk at the time, to say the least.

Robert’s top pick is poised to do the same if you get in early:

  • As a fledgling operator in the Bakken, and given its modest current valuation, it has plenty of room to take off and hit a homerun for investors.
  • Under the radar: It’s drilled just 17 wells to date, but it’s delivering very impressive production rates (3,550 barrels of oil equivalent per day, or boe/d), suggesting its acreage remains undervalued, perhaps dramatically.
  • Its 85,000 Bakken acres harbor an estimated 435 potential drilling locations, enough to keep its rigs busy for the next decade.

Here’s another advantage we really like about this forward-looking outfit. You may have heard doubts about the chemicals and sand used in fracking.

Robert’s top recommendation employs a fracking process using much fewer chemicals and sand. Even better, the company has used the process skillfully and actually increased production by a few percentage points. (Source:

You can’t go back in time. Early Bakken champs like EOG Resources and Continental are way past being early buys with a long runway in front of them…

But You Can Get in Early
on Robert’s Hidden Gem!

According to the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC), four counties now account for 85% of the total oil production in the state. This top recommendation operates wells in three of them, including highly regarded McKenzie County.

In fact, McKenzie County now boasts the largest production in the Bakken.

Earlier, I referred to this driller as “the Bakken’s Hidden Gem.” In fact, it’s the ONE stock Robert would recommend as a small-cap Bakken driller if he could only choose one from the pack.

To repeat, when you evaluate his top pick’s modest valuation plus its clear path to accelerating production growth, you’ll quickly see it doesn’t have to become a giant like Continental to hit a homerun for investors.

I’d like to extend a special invitation your way—an opportunity to get in early on Robert’s Hidden Gem, plus four other winners, in our free report, The Bakken Phase 2: How to Profit from the Bakken’s Second Millionaire-Making Wave.

Robert’s team has exhaustively researched these companies, starting with the Bakken Hidden Gem, and will be delighted to send you our complete reports and investing guidance.

All I ask is that you give our investing service, The Energy Strategist, a test run. Put it to your own personal test—as tough a test as you can devise.

Try it now and you’ll join an exclusive club of savvy energy investors taking full advantage of one of the most powerful global supply-and-demand realities we’ll encounter in our lifetime.

If you don’t like The Energy Strategist, I’ll refund the cost. But you can keep the report.

Right now is the ideal time to accept this no-risk trial offer because…

The Need for Oil Just Won’t Go Away!

You see, despite much hype to the contrary, there is no scalable, economically viable replacement for oil on the horizon. Oil makes up a third of the global energy mix and is the most irreplaceable component.

Take Europe, where billions have been poured into subsidies for alternative energy. The European Commission is now abandoning legally binding renewable energy targets. Why? Turns out the expensive subsidies are responsible for soaring energy costs for consumers and industry.

Take the emerging nations, where fast-growing economies are demanding more oil and gas—and don’t worry much about the price they have to pay. Demand for oil from developing countries will hit 54% of the global total by 2018, up from 49% in 2012.

What’s more, this “new oil” coming in from shale wells is relatively expensive to produce and requires intensive drilling. So if oil prices show signs of weakening, you’ll see quick reductions in production, steadying prices.

In a nutshell, the era of cheap oil is over, likely for decades to come. And here’s your key investing takeaway…

Previously unknown companies are emerging as energy powerhouses. No other investing sector offers you so many ground-floor opportunities.

At the same time, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced the U.S. is on track to surpass Saudi Arabia—Saudi Arabia!—in oil production by 2020. A decade ago, that would have been unthinkable.

Much of this U.S. oil will come from shale—with the Bakken playing a major role.

These Are the BIGGEST Take-Them-to-the-Bank
Megatrends of Our Time

And like the great leap of the U.S. in the 19th century to industrialized-superpower status, these megatrends will create fortunes.

It’s happening. It’s accelerating. Nothing can stop it. It’s going to change the world as we know it… and, as I said above, create thousands of new millionaires.

In fact, you’ve read about them already: millionaires created overnight in the Bakken, Eagle Ford and Marcellus.

To repeat: North Dakota University’s Center of Innovation estimates the Bakken is creating up to 2,000 millionaires a year in the state formerly known as the “Big Empty.”

And that’s just from Phase 1.

This is happening in our own backyard—North Dakota.

That’s why we urge you to join us as we pocket substantial gains from the torrent of Bakken: Phase 2 black gold that will boost a select group of stocks.

Remember, early investors who grasped the potential in the Bakken: Phase 1 reaped profits as high as 3,300%.

Robert has isolated 5 companies in commanding positions to thrive in the Bakken: Phase 2.

One of them, of course, is his Bakken Hidden Gem, with its master of geo-steering through the “creamy center” of the Bakken “cookie” producing stunning recovery rates that are the talk of western North Dakota.

Just look at a few of the other Bakken: Phase 2 investment opportunities I want to tell you about:

  • Start with the “pioneer”—the company that drilled the first commercially successful horizontally drilled and fractured well in the Bakken. It hasn’t looked back—pioneering the drilling of multiple wells from a single pad to reach the Bakken and Three Forks simultaneously. The innovation paid off in an estimated 10% cost savings on each completed well. By the end of last year, its proved reserve topped 1 billion boe/d, a new record for the company. The stock jumped 40% last year, and we see no end in sight.
  • Phase 2 of the fabulous Bakken will require hundreds of billions spent on infrastructure. This company, which leases out rigs in the Bakken, as well as the Permian and Eagle Ford, will be a major beneficiary. Its world-leading proprietary technology permits the company to lease out precision-guided rigs at a typical premium of $5,000 per day over competitors. Its rigs are renowned for saving clients money thanks to the speed and quality of well completions. Think of this investment as a modern twist on selling shovels to the prospectors in a gold rush. We’re up 68% on this stock in a little over a year and looking for much more.
  • Here’s another proven “Bakken Big Dog.” The second-biggest producer in the Bakken Shale, this outfit is first and foremost an oil company, and cheap oil is gone forever. The company is known for innovation. For example, its recent experiment in drilling high-density pilot wells in the Williston Basin resulted in an immediate 25% increase in production. It’s increased oil production and oil reserves in each of the last four years. A top player for sure in Bakken: Phase 2, you’ll want in on the action.
  • With a sizeable stake in the Bakken, this outfit has the reputation for producing shale oil for the most profits with the best profit margins. It is the largest U.S. horizontal crude oil producer by a 2-to-1 ratio. Its estimated net proved crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids (NGLs) reserves are a staggering 745 million barrels. Known as a model of corporate stewardship, the company has increased more than 15 times in value since 1999. The stock is up 183% since we first recommended it. The “buy” signal is still very operative, and likely will be for some time to come.

These are two of the saddest words I know in investing: “If only.”

How many investors look at 3,330% gains racked up by early investors in the shale regions and think, “If only”?

Well, I’ll say this to you again…

If You Missed Those Early Bakken Buys, Don’t Worry!

I know where the “next Bakken” is—it’s in the Bakken. Because the millionaire-making miracle is going to happen all over again. Count on it.

Recall, the U.S. Geological Service—a notoriously conservative bunch when it comes to estimates—has DOUBLED its projections for Bakken-Three Forks recoverable crude oil.

And don’t ever forget this…

There’s much more than shale going on in the global energy revolution.

There are also lucrative opportunities in liquid natural gas (LNG) exports, spectacular oil and gas discoveries offshore Africa and South America, plus mouthwatering profits to be made with oil and gas service companies.

Robert knows where they are—and his subscribers and I are already invested.

Today is your chance. And it’s still early… way early.

We’ve only scratched the surface of this new energy revolution. And don’t forget: It’s global.

And there’s nothing the sheiks, mullahs and petroleum potentates from Siberia to the Middle East to South America can do to stop it.

If you want your share of the wealth, The Energy Strategist is the best way to get started.

Build Your Millionaire Retirement Portfolio
with The Energy Strategist

Here’s what you can look forward to as a subscriber:

  • Twice a month you’ll receive a new issue of The Energy Strategist chock full of research and picks in up-and-coming energy sectors. You’ll see it all in clear and easy-to-read graphs and charts pointing the way to success.
  • Today’s markets change on a dime—we’ll keep you on top of it all with up-to-the-minute advice on shifting markets, fluctuating earnings and developing political storms that could affect your holdings. You’ll be primed to seize new opportunities with the latest flash alerts from me to your inbox—no waiting for website updates.
  • With our “White Papers,” you’ll have all the tools you need to interpret company reports or understand complex taxes like a pro. At a click, we put in-depth advice and instruction in your hands.
  • Robert’s online chats give you the opportunity to “fire away” and ask specific questions about energy companies and investments.
  • You’ll gain hands-on access to every single story we’ve ever published. This is the mother lode of information. Our unsurpassed library is as easy as see it, click it, find it. What should you expect the market to do when oil spikes? Which oil stocks hold up best when accidents happen? Research the history and be ready for whatever’s next.
  • Free with your subscription to The Energy Strategist—two top-notch weekly e-zines. Robert’s best insight and recommendations are packed into The Energy Letter Premium and The Week in Review. You’ll receive both at no cost.

In addition, you’ll gain personal access to Robert Rapier and his co-strategist Igor Greenwald. When you have a question on anything in The Energy Strategist, just ask us on our subscribers-only discussion board and we will answer every question promptly.

But never forget…

An energy revolution of historic proportions is changing the world as we know it, and creating a whole new generation of millionaires and billionaires.

Keep in mind, a package of investor services like ours typically costs $1,000 to $3,000 a year.

Try a Zero-Risk Quarterly Subscription Now

Robert and I are both convinced that the bare-knuckles, trillion-dollar global brawl over energy is an unstoppable trend. If you want your share of the wealth, The Energy Strategist is the best way to get started.

With this special introductory invitation, you can try The Energy Strategist for the next three months on a $147 “give-it-a-fair-shot” basis. If you keep your subscription, you’ll still pay just $147 a quarter.

Remember, the risk of trying The Energy Strategist is… zero.

If, over the next three months, you’re not satisfied, I want you to ask for a 100% refund. (The special report, The Bakken Phase 2: How to Profit from the Bakken’s Second Millionaire-Making Wave, is yours to keep.)

As scores of developed and developing countries spend like there’s no tomorrow in a trillion-dollar race for dwindling energy resources, new ways to make money are popping up everywhere. And this is one of the best. I’d like to give you immediate access to this new report absolutely FREE.  Get it now.

Try The Energy Strategist now by activating your guaranteed no-risk subscription.


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