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Profit from Energy’s New El Dorado
Our Expert Energy Guide Will Show You the Way

Welcome to The Energy Strategist, the investing service that puts you squarely in the path of the fiercest supply-and-demand squeeze we’ll ever see: the global energy battle.

The Energy Strategist is the only energy advisory written by an engineer who actually works in the field and understands the technology behind the numbers.

Our top energy analyst Robert Rapier is no armchair commentator. He travels around the world evaluating startup energy companies for wealthy private investors and hedge funds.

After assessing the technology on site, he makes a go/no-go investment recommendation that can mean millions of dollars flowing into these outfits.

His energy expertise has taken him all over the globe. For two years, Robert was an efficiency expert in a Texas petrochemical plant. The process changes he implemented saved the facility nine million dollars a year. From there he transferred to Germany, where he designed a novel butanol unit that cut production costs by $5 million per year. He was awarded one of his 5 patents for this work (U.S. Patent 7,087,795—method for the production of aldehydes).

He later went to work for ConocoPhillips in Oklahoma. There he ran a research lab developing gas-to-liquids technology, and received 3 patents for the work he did there. One was for a new way to convert ethane into ethylene that cut production costs by $5 million per year (U.S. Patent 7,074,977).

From there he moved to the ConocoPhillips refinery in Billings, Montana, where he was on a team that optimized the refinery for maximum profitability. One of his duties was gasoline blending, where he eliminated inefficiencies to capture more than $1 million in annual savings.

From there he ran a team of engineers in Scotland for ConocoPhillips for two years, developing oil and gas projects in the North Sea.

He later worked as the Engineering Director for a Dutch environmental-technology company and provided engineering support for a facility in China that the company was constructing.

Finally, he moved into his current role—based in Hawaii—conducting technical due diligence on new energy projects.

Robert’s comprehensive energy expertise is invaluable to investors. There is no corner of the energy universe he hasn’t studied. Here’s how he puts it…

“Right now I’m looking at every energy source out there: natural gas, hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar, nuclear, coal, wind… and it’s obvious that oil is still by far the most important for investors. The combination of voracious demand by developing countries and the depletion of easy-to-extract oil is strongly bullish for oil.

“In other words, oil is still key to the world’s future.

“Despite much hype to the contrary, there is no scalable, economically viable replacement for oil on the horizon.

“Fact: Oil rose to prominence as the world’s dominant fuel for three unbeatable reasons: cost, convenience and abundance.

“Fact: No alternative fulfills all three criteria. No alternative is even close to providing energy on a scalable basis. (I wish this were not true, but it is. And I never mix political sympathies with investing recommendations.)

“Fact: Oil presently makes up a third of the global energy mix and is without a doubt the most irreplaceable component.

“In short, to be clear: I am long-term bullish on oil. If you’re serious about building real wealth—you should be bullish on oil, too.

“Don’t be fooled about the direction of oil markets on the basis of Western consumption trends. Future oil prices will be dictated by surging demand in developing countries—and so will the pace of oil exploration and production.

“That’s why in the long run production will have a hard time staying ahead of demand—the classic recipe for higher prices.”

Going Deep

Since the mother of all oil fields was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1948, 60% of the world’s oil has come from the largest 1% of oilfields.

No longer. These huge conventional oil fields are more than 40 years old on average, well past peak production.

To fill the supply gap, domestic producers are using increasingly sophisticated methods for extracting oil and natural gas from proven oilfields. Recent breakthroughs in “fracking” technology have uncovered massive layers of recoverable energy that were previously inaccessible.

Which brings me to one of Robert’s top recommendations right now…

The Crown Jewel of the Marcellus

Our top pick is coming off a record-setting year—boosting its production by 43% and cash flow from operations by 30%.

The company claims 15 of last year’s top 20 producing wells in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus.

Most impressive are the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) numbers filtering out from the company’s leaseholds in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the heart of the Marcellus sweet spot.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, EUR is one of the gas industry’s most critical measurements. It indicates the quantity of gas that is potentially recoverable from a well.

For example, the historic Barnett Shale west of Fort Worth is just about universally considered by experts to hold the largest producible reserves of any onshore natural gas field in the U.S.

The most recent EUR average for 16,000 wells in the Barnett is 1.4 Bcf. Let me translate. That’s gas field lingo for 1.4 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas. And it’s darn good. Enough to create squadrons of new shale gas millionaires.

But wait…

Compare that 1.4 Bcf Barnett number with our top recommendation’s 14 Bcf EUR average for 37 Marcellus wells turned in-line last year. That’s an astounding difference. These Marcellus marvels are coming in at 10 times the Barnett EUR average.

But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Check out the fresh numbers from the Marcellus sweet spot leases held by our top pick.

Latest drilling reports tell of new wells reaching EURs of 3 Bcf and 6 Bcf in a matter of days.

Even more astonishing, additional reports indicate wells showing mind-boggling EUR potentials of 25+ Bcf and 30+ Bcf. Those estimated recoveries are up to 30 times the Barnett EUR average.

I don’t have to tell you—but I might as well: Those numbers are the very definition of “super-productive”—a term that oil and gas analysts don’t use lightly.

In short, our pick’s returns are setting a new Marcellus standard. These are some of the highest returns we’ve ever seen in the industry.

There’s a lot of runway left for these drilling wonders. Proved reserves rose 27% last year, to a number large enough to support 14 more years of production at last year’s record pace.

What’s more, the company added more than four times the reserves it extracted last year. Needless to say, we consider this stock a solid buy now and one to hold on to for a very long time.

Years of Production Ahead

Our sources tell us this independent has an “embarrassment of promising drilling prospects”—in Pennsylvania alone. More than enough to keep it busy for years.

This energetic outfit just keeps on delivering batches of impressive natural gas wells.

Recently, the company’s CEO spoke of wells coming in at 40 million cubic feet of natural gas per day, an astonishing daily rate.

These sky-high return rates are off the charts—more like offshore production rates.

Little wonder our favorite gas producer just reaffirmed its production growth target of 35% to 50%.

Its customers are lined up. Management reports a substantial amount of production sold out in long-term supply contracts stretching ahead as far as five years… and in some contracts, 10 years.

A Pipeline of Their Own

As if this ice-cream sundae needed a cherry on top, our top pick is teaming up with a partner to build a much-needed Northeast pipeline.

When completed in 2015, the new pipeline will link the company’s fields with all the major Northeast and Canadian markets. It will be a major boon for the company, the stock and for all of New England, which has long suffered with high power prices due to its isolation from domestic energy supplies.

More Than the Marcellus…

Besides being the Crown Jewel of the Marcellus, our favorite pick also has promising shale plays elsewhere, including 60,000 acres in the Eagle Ford formation in Southwest Texas.

In addition, it controls 70,000 acres in the Marmaton Shale spread across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Two wells in this horizontal oil play recently achieved full payout in less than two months. Toss in a growing interest in the hydrocarbons-rich Pearsall Shale south of San Antonio, and you have a very active, geographically diversified company.

Our top pick has an excellent record of extracting more gas and oil at a diminishing cost per unit. And its acreage within the Marcellus should support strong production gains for years to come. Higher gas prices down the road—inevitable, in our opinion—will be a bonus, a potentially huge one.

Business is gushing for this busy outfit. It just announced the first dividend in the company’s history, another plus for investors.

As the global economic recovery continues and emerging economies use more electricity, rising oil and gas prices will open many more opportunities. We think this record-setting producer will capitalize mightily on this bonanza.

All I ask is that you give The Energy Strategist a test run. Put it to your own personal test. I’ll send you a free copy of our report, Marcellus Marvels: Profit from the 4 Gems of America’s New Energy El Dorado, as a welcome gift.

If you don’t like The Energy Strategist I’ll refund the cost. But you can keep the report.

Right now is the ideal time to accept this no-risk trial offer because…

There’s no end in sight to the global scramble for energy—or the gains for smart investors

We all know we’ve said goodbye to cheap energy.

The world is now locked in an economic struggle over ALL proven energy resources. And The Energy Strategist brings you dozens of ways to make money from this frantic energy scramble.

Here’s what you can look forward to if you join us:

  • Twice a month you’ll receive a new issue of The Energy Strategist chock full of research and picks in up-and-coming energy sectors. You’ll see it all in clear and easy-to-read graphs and charts pointing the way to success.
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Robert and I are both convinced that the bare-knuckles, trillion-dollar global brawl over energy is an unstoppable trend. If you want your share of the wealth, The Energy Strategist is the best way to get started.

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As scores of developed and developing countries spend like there’s no tomorrow in a trillion-dollar race for dwindling energy resources, new ways to make money are popping up everywhere. And this is one of the best. I’d like to give you immediate access to this new report absolutely FREE.  Get it now.

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