REIT Investing Secrets: High Yield REITs to own Now

REIT Investing Secrets Revealed:
The Top 3 High Yield REITs to Own Now

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REIT Investing
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Fellow investor,

If you aren’t holding a selection of high-yield REITs (real estate investment trusts), you’re missing out on some truly spectacular returns.

That goes double for income-seeking investors, because these extraordinary investments, backed by steady cash flows from renting out their office, retail and apartment properties, sport some of the highest—and SAFEST—yields in the entire investment world.

In my new special report, “REIT Investing Secrets Revealed: The Top 3 High-Yield REITs to Own Now,” I’ll give you immediate access to my top 3 REIT picks. These are the so-called “best of the best”—the REITs with the strongest potential to skyrocket while providing you with safe, steady income for years to come. More on these 3 “superstar” REITs in a moment, but first…

Why REIT Investing? 4 Powerful Reasons...

If you’re not familiar, a REIT is a company that owns and typically manages a portfolio of income-producing real estate investments. REIT investing offers several unique benefits for investors. Here are my top 4:

  1. Capital gains and income: There are two ways you profit from REIT investing: consistently high dividend yields and the rising price of REIT units. REITs tend to keep pace with the overall market, generating competitive long-term returns and consistently high income.

  2. All the advantages of real estate investing—without the hassle: Investing in a REIT is an investment in real estate; however, real estate is considered an illiquid asset: it’s difficult to quickly buy and sell a physical piece of property. REITs, on the other hand, offer a liquid way to invest in this typically illiquid asset class.

  3. Tax benefits that flow straight into your pocket: To qualify as a REIT, most of the company’s assets and income must be related to real estate. In addition, the company must distribute at least 90% of its taxable income to investors in the form of dividends (or distributions, as they’re called in the world of REIT investing).

    By paying out distributions between 90% to 100% or more their taxable income, REIT investors benefit not only from high yields but also the elimination of double taxation. Profits aren’t taxed at the corporate or REIT level; they’re only taxed at the investor level.

  4. It couldn’t be easier to buy in: Owning units in a REIT is similar to owning shares of common stock in a corporation. Unit prices rise and fall during the day and are traded on stock exchanges. Buying shares in a REIT is as simple as buying shares in a publicly traded corporation.

But you must be selective. Not all REITs are created equal. For example, some are poorly diversified, making them heavily reliant on just a handful of tenants. When one or more decide to pull up stakes, the REIT’s profits—and its unit price—can fall off a cliff, taking your hard-earned cash with them.

That’s why you simply must have my new free report, “REIT Investing Secrets Revealed: The Top 3 High-Yield REITs to Own Now,” close at hand. It not only gives you my top 3 REIT picks but also provides a clear, concise road map that will quickly guide you to the REITs that will turn your portfolio into a well-tuned cash-spinning machine—and steer around the ones that are headed for a fall.

A Strong Foundation in the Great White North

One of the reasons I’m so confident in the safety and stability of the 3 free REIT recommendations you get in “REIT Investing Secrets Revealed: The Top 3 High-Yield REITs to Own Now” is that all three are based north of the border, in Canada.

Canadian REITs are battle-tested, having weathered some of the toughest conditions the North American property market has ever faced. Even investors who bought in on the eve of the crash have kept their income streams intact.

That’s because the Canadian real estate market was never built on subprime leverage to the extent the US market was; meaning that during and after the downturn, Canada managed to avoid most of the issues with the real estate market that the U.S. is struggling with. This conservatism extended to Canadian REITs—especially our top 3 REIT picks.

While their U.S. counterparts were leveraging everything in sight to jack up returns, these companies focused on portfolio quality and controlling debt, expanding only when opportunities were particularly compelling. They just weren’t taking the risks U.S. REITs were, and therefore weren’t exposed to the same level of danger.

Now, here are just a few details on my 3 favorite picks from the entire REIT universe. You get everything you need to quickly add these highly profitable income-generating investments to your portfolio—FREE—when you download your copy of “REIT Investing Secrets Revealed: The Top 3 High-Yield REITs to Own Now.”

Superstar REIT Pick #1: A True Industry Leader Set to Boost Its Payout

With a proactive, keen eye on the future landscape of retail, this REIT builds on its respected foundations to ensure their tenants and shareholders alike are satisfied with their service. The company’s reputation as the largest retail REIT in Canada is well deserved and is the reason wealth managers, stockbrokers and investors trust them. They make smart investments and provide stable, strong relationships to create the most enjoyable experiences for tenants and shoppers alike.

This REIT manages some of the most well-known names in retail and pays an attractive dividend every quarter. It’s a win-win for growth and income.

REIT Investing
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Superstar REIT Pick #2: Stability and Growth Spell Out this Leader’s Focus

This battle-tested REIT has been posting stable or rising income for a long string of consecutive quarterly dividends.  And its steady management virtually assures that its distributions will remain intact—no matter what happens in the Canadian property market. It’s also  broadly based, which mutes any damage from poorer-performing regions.

Superstar REIT Pick #3: A Time-Tested Giant

The secret to this REIT’s success is the quality of its tenants, from strip malls to freestanding buildings. That makes its cash flows—and therefore its dividends—pretty much recession proof. And the best feature of all…this company pays hefty dividends every month.

REIT Investing
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REIT Investing
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