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Fellow investor,

Today’s international markets are motivated by one of the most remarkable forces on Earth—our desire for a better life.

The billions of people in the developing world want the same standard of living the West has experienced for years with all the consumer goods, electronics and luxuries we take for granted.

This global trend—this dramatic, unrelenting demonstration of pure, powerful human “want”—is reshaping the international economy and the way you should invest forever.

Put squarely: If you do not include international stocks in your portfolio... you’re cheating your own future.

Here’s why. Many international stocks have recovered from the financial crisis with strong balance sheets, and most did not participate in the bad-loan extravaganza that crippled stock markets in developed nations.

Emerging economies are transitioning to a more sustainable economic model, but that transition has been murky. While the growth outlook is tricky, I don’t have particular concerns for the long term. In fact, valuations are quite accommodative of the medium- and long-term investor’s outlook.

There are two shifts happening, one of which is the transition from export-driven economies to consumption-driven markets.

Over the last century, the U.S. economy shifted very dramatically from a manufacturing- and production-oriented economy toward a service-based economy. As I highlight in detail in my free report, that shift has begun in emerging Asia, as well as some of the other global emerging markets.

These services include industries such as media and entertainment, and sightseeing, as well as a host of specialized services such as legal, accountancy and retirement planning; these are industries that are really underinvested in most developing markets.

For instance, health insurance has only recently begun to be offered in Singapore. Health maintenance organizations and health insurance just doesn’t exist in the region. That’s a basic consumer service that is largely untapped in one of the richest nations in the world. Sign up for my special report to reveal my latest international stock picks you can use to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for healthcare services in developing economies.

I still believe that growth in international economies will be forceful, even if it’s not at the 10-11% rate that people have grown accustomed to from China, or the 7-8% rate that people look for from India. Growth will temper, but it will also become more maintainable.

I suggest investing in international stocks in a diversified manner, and don’t be overly focused on the BRICs. Valuations are your friend, especially if you focus on income-generating equities. There could be some surprises that emerge, so make sure you’re prepared to endure the resultant volatility. And if the market does get bouncy, try to stay invested and even invest a bit more on dips, as those offer the best opportunities to build a strong portfolio.

Emerging markets as a whole should outperform developed markets in the near term, but economic weakness will affect all markets because exports and domestic growth will slow.  

After surveying the world’s economies, the emerging-market consumer seems the best bet for long-term investors, as has been the case for the past three years. In the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) alone, domestic consumption accounts for just 46% of GDP, and this number is still growing. Given that wages are still increasing, the emerging-market consumer should remain resilient in the next 12 months.   
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Yours for a world of profits,

Benjamin Shepherd

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