The 3 Best Stocks to Invest in Right Now

Months and years from now, these stocks could be worth much more than they cost today, regardless of what happens on Wall Street.  

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Fellow investor,

Every buy-and-hold investor wants to find that perfect stock that can double or triple in the next 12 months and provide a generous stream of dividends. But with all the information and overwhelming investment choices out there, finding the best stocks to invest in can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, most self-directed investors don’t have access to reams of information or teams of Wall St. research analysts to analyze the overwhelming sea of data that comes in every day. And, while some investors may have some insight into the state of our current economy, few people, if any, can claim to know exactly what the market is going to do in the future.

The good news is that you don’t need a team of analysts or to have clairvoyant powers to beat the market year after year and secure a prosperous retirement for yourself. In fact, as you’ll discover when you request your free report, identifying the best stocks to invest in right now is easier and quicker than you think.

To zero in on the best three stocks to invest in right now, we looked at the following criteria:

1. Reliable Revenue and Earnings Composition: When looking for stocks to add to your portfolio, investors should look beyond the surface numbers to evaluate companies based on the quality of their earnings. This is exactly what we have done with the three stocks in our free report. We consider all three companies hidden gems—companies that have strong potential to experience positive earnings surprises in future quarters. Sign up below to uncover these three stocks right now.

2. Large Dividends: Earning money with dividends is the easiest way we know of to generate a generous and never-ending cash flow. It’s particularlyimportant if you’re retired and not working to have this steady flow of dependable cash.

If you’re saving for retirement, dividend-paying stocks and other income investments simply outperform stocks that pay nothing. That’s not just our opinion.

That’s according to a recent study by Ned Davis Research. They compared dividend and non-dividend stocks over a period of 35 years. They found that the average annual return of non-dividend stocks was a paltry 2.5%! That’s pathetic. That’s less than T-bills.

Dividend-paying stocks returned between 8.9% and 10.9% on average every year during that 35-year period. That’s up to 4.5 TIMES GREATER wealth-building power. As you’ll discover when you sign up, the three stocks in our free report all feature generous dividends and a history of dividend increases.   

3. The Payout Ratio: Healthy businesses generate large amounts of cash flow and earnings. For a dividend to be sustainable, the amount paid out to subscribers must be well covered by the amount of cash coming into the business. Generally speaking, the higher profits are relative to the dividend, the better protected that dividend is from setbacks in the company’s business. A low payout ratio—which is the dividend as a percentage of earnings—is consequently the best possible sign that the dividend is indeed safe. Enter your email to uncover our top 3 stocks to buy now.

4. Manageable Debt: It is imperative to consider the amount of debt coming due within the next 12-24 months. A company with no maturing debt between now and the end of next year can avoid the credit market should conditions tighten in the near term. Those with a large amount of obligations coming due before then may be forced to borrow at extremely high rates, or else take other steps to save cash flow to pare debt, such as dividend cuts. The three picks in our special investment report are all united by their ability to manage debt obligations effectively. Sign up now to uncover our three best stocks to invest in today. 

5. Favorable Market Conditions: As we noted above, top-down investing requires that investors put some thought towards the “big picture” investment themes affecting stocks today. With all the information that flows in each day, it can be difficult to map out a clear picture of where the market is heading. For this reason, we try to isolate the factors as much as we can to really zero in on the variables that matter. Sign up for our free report to find out how each of our three selected stocks are profiting from some of the most prevalent trends in the market.

6. Catalysts and Floors: The key to investment success is being able to select companies that have significant opportunities to expand their profitability. When selecting stocks, we look for companies that have clearly defined events in the near future that could propel the share price. We also look for companies that are capable of weathering bumps in the road in the event that unforeseen circumstances negatively impact the company’s operations. 

The three stocks in our special report are ideal candidates for investment right now because they meet all our strict investment criteria. Uncover these three top stocks to buy right now when you request your free copy of The 3 Best Stocks to Invest in Right Now.

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