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Master Limited Partnerships

Master limited partnership (MLP) investments offer a simple value proposition: tax-advantaged high yields and strong recession-resistant growth potential.

MLPs allow investors to defer much of their personal income tax liability for years into the future or, in many cases, indefinitely. Unlike regular corporations, a master limited partnership doesn’t pay traditional corporate-level tax. Instead, these partnerships pass through the majority of their income to investors in the form of regular quarterly distributions. In other words, 80 to 90 percent of the distribution you receive from the MLP is tax-deferred.

Learn more about how to add master limited partnerships to your portfolio with the latest in-depth analysis in the archive below. For a detailed understanding of the MLPs, including what they do, how they are taxed and the best plays to consider for your portfolio, check out our free guide: MLPs: High Yields and Low Taxes.

Hot Year in Store for Energy

My crystal ball shows higher oil and natural gas prices this year, along with gains for pipeline stocks amid general skepticism.

From Worst to First and Best to Cursed

MLPs rode a broad recovery in 2016, but not everyone’s luck changed for the better.

More Gains in the Pipeline

Midstream shippers and processors have lagged the recent energy rally. That should change in 2017.

Standing Rock on Shaky Ground

Foes of the crude pipeline opposed by the Sioux tribe have ignored lots of inconvenient facts.

Rocket-Fueled Income Plays

Three MLPs have increased their distributions by at least 30% this year, and another handful by more than 20%.

Coal Wins Reprieve

The beaten down sector produced the best recent gains among MLPs. But there’s a hotter trade out there right now.

Yieldcos Recharge

Renewable energy income plays are staging a comeback after a draining year.

Another Profitable Signal?

We’ve already hit paydirt twice this year by using history to time our buys; could we go 3-for-3?

A Glimpse of Life Without Pipelines

When a major fuel line sprang a leak some pumps in the South ran out of gas and prices jumped. We can’t get by without this vital infrastructure.

Noble Breaks the Ice

The first MLP IPO of 2016 offered investors a stake in the successful shale driller’s midstream assets.

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