The Top Stocks for Investing in Commodities

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The Boom in Commodities Investments Is Far From Over…

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that commodities investments aren’t for the faint of heart: resource prices surged to new heights ahead of the financial crisis before collapsing in its aftermath. They’ve been on a rollercoaster ride since, but have generally gained ground since their 2009 lows.

But even so, there are a range of strong long-term trends that will boost commodity demand for decades to come—from base metals like copper and aluminum to forest products and precious metals, such as gold and silver.

For example, the increased money supply brought on by quantitative easing could very well lead to higher inflation. That would push up gold prices, because many investors view the yellow metal as an inflation hedge. Meanwhile, base metals stand to benefit from a continued trend toward urbanization in emerging markets, such as India and China.

These trends—and many more—will keep driving up commodity prices over the long haul. A good signpost is that prices for oil—the world’s ultimate commodity—are still far below the $150-per-barrel high that eventually led to the 2008 commodity crash. 

Nonetheless, it still pays to approach investing in commodities with caution: despite the strong long-term case for the sector, it’s more important than ever to buy commodities investments at reasonable valuations and be prepared to take profits off the table at opportune times.

A Clear Roadmap to Big Profits From Investing in Commodities

In this exclusive new report on commodities investments, we show you, step-by-step, how to profit in this high-flying sector with less risk: you get full details on our favorite picks in energy, precious metals, industrial metals and agriculture. We also reveal a number of other companies that are poised to do well in a bull market for their underlying commodities.

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Here’s a sketch of three of the stocks you’ll read about in The Top Stocks for Investing in Commodities:

Commodities Investment #1

A Glittering Gold Producer

Commodities Investment #1 is one of the world’s fastest-growing senior gold miners, with operations and development projects in safe jurisdictions throughout the Americas. 

The miner is focused on five key areas: growth, low cash costs, maintaining a strong balance sheet, operating in regions with low political risk and conducting business in a responsible manner. Its operating assets and development projects will allow for significant production growth for years to come.

Commodities Investment #1 also pays an attractive dividend: its payout has jumped 233% since 2009, but management is also focused on reinvesting profits for further growth. The company expects to boost production by 70% by 2017.

To top it off, Commodities Investment #1 boasts one of the lowest production costs of any primary gold producer, which buffered it from having to shut down many of its operations in the recent gold price correction.

Commodities Investment #2

A Diversified Copper Giant with a Generous Dividend

Commodities Investment #2 has been one of our favorite commodity picks for a long time. It has grown to become the world’s leading producer of copper. Recoverable reserves are estimated at 117 billion pounds, using a projected long-term copper price of $2 a pound.

That’s a remarkably conservative estimate, because it’s more than a third lower than copper’s current price. Adding in “mineralized material”—which won’t qualify as reserves until feasibility studies are completed—the company has 230 billion pounds in the ground.

Current plans call for adding about 1 billion pounds to its current copper output of about 3.7 billion pounds by around 2016. Meanwhile, production of molybdenum—a key element in making the high-pressure steel needed for undersea energy drilling—is on the verge of ramping up to 90 million pounds a year.

Get full details on this diversified giant when you download your copy of The Top Stocks for Investing in Commodities now.

Commodities Investment #3

Deepwater Dynamo

Spending on deepwater projects is set to surge from $43 billion in 2013 to $114 billion in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency. Recent discoveries in­clude the deepwater Kwanza Basin in Angola, gas deposits off the coasts of Mozambique and Tanzania, and new oil and gas finds in the Barents Sea offshore Norway.

Our favorite deepwater driller is answering the call with its state-of-the-art fleet of 67 drill rigs, the youngest in the business. That gives it a huge leg up when negotiating with its major oil company clients and helps ensure reliable, long-term cash flow—which it's using to support its sky-high dividend.

The company already boasts one of the industry's highest utilization rates, and its order backlog is growing. That's helping management garner rates on ultra-deepwater rigs of $550,000 to $650,000 a day. These figures will only rise as more producers look below the seafloor to replace their dwindling reserves.

All You Need to Mine Steady Gains in Resource Investing

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