The Dip That Keeps On Dipping

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

That saying applies to many different situations. After all, if you eat too much ice cream, you’ll get a stomach ache. And if you drink too much alcohol, you’ll get a hangover.

However, in the heat of the moment, we tend to forget this “rule.”

That’s exactly what happened when crypto prices kept going up for months. Now we’re seeing the consequences as the market balances itself out.

The pre-halving dip has extended into a post-halving dip as crypto prices retreat toward the lows they set in mid-April.

It has become clear that, in March, we saw the highs for the first year of the current four-year cycle. The market is currently transitioning between two smaller cycles, and the current dip is likely to mark the low point for 2024.

This means that right now is an excellent time to enter the market.

To be clear, it has been a great time to buy for weeks. If you’ve bought crypto anywhere near the current levels, you’ll thank yourself in a few months.

The market is panicking right now. There are many things causing fear among investors, from the recent failure of Republic First Bank to the implosion of the Japanese yen.

Don’t forget about the weak gross domestic product (GDP) report, the return of stagflation, and the escalating conflicts in the Middle East. There are real reasons to be worried about markets right now.

However, markets are also cyclical, and there was always going to be a dip in crypto prices around the Bitcoin (BTC) halving.

The biggest profits are always made from buying into peak fear and selling into peak euphoria. We are currently seeing peak fear.

That’s not to mention that most of the factors at play right now could actually be good for Bitcoin and the crypto market. The banking crisis scare of last year kicked off the current crypto bull run. And the weakness in the Japanese yen further shows the failures of the fiat money system.

And the best way to handle stagflation is to invest in assets that benefit from rising prices — such as Bitcoin.

We’ve also seen Bitcoin act as a store of value during war, when people lose faith in fiat currency. After all, it’s a lot easier to store and move your wealth with a crypto wallet than a backpack full of gold.

Most importantly, every crypto cycle to date has shown us that the best gains come in the months after the halving.

Current Crypto Bargains

With so many signs that now is an excellent time to buy into crypto, let’s check in on the market and see just how much of a discount we can get right now.

Bitcoin is currently trading for about $60,000. That’s just a little above the lows it set on April 19. It remains to be seen if we’ll reach a new low during this dip.

However, BTC is fast approaching its 100-day moving average. That should offer some strong support, but we will see just where BTC finds its bottom.

What’s more important is that Bitcoin has now been in a correction for 48 days and is down about 20% from its March highs.

Things will turn around sooner rather than later, and given the heightened state of fear in the market, it looks like the inflection point is near.

Of course, Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency experiencing a correction right now.

In fact, most altcoins are currently trading at far deeper discounts.

Just take a look at Ethereum (ETH), which is also nearing its lows set on April 1. ETH is currently trading for just under $3,000. In my opinion, it is one of the most mispriced cryptocurrencies in the entire market.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has yet to make a decision on Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications. However, the market appears to have completely counted out the possibility that the ETFs will be approved.

But just because the SEC doesn’t appear likely to approve these ETF applications just yet, that doesn’t mean the market should ignore them. That’s especially the case considering that not everyone agrees with SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s assertion that ETH is a security.

If this ETF matter escalates to the courts, I’m not sure that they would side with the SEC. Don’t forget that the SEC has a long track record of losing cases against crypto.

However, at the end of the day, I don’t need the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs to know that the current prices present great buying opportunities.

The market has been correcting for over a month and a half, and that will turn around soon. Prices on most altcoins have well passed the 30% threshold I look for when buying the dip.

Most importantly, history shows that the biggest gains of the crypto bull market tend to happen in the months following the Bitcoin halving.

Combine all that with the current levels of fear in investors, and the contrarian in me is screaming, “Buy the dip!”

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