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provides in-depth investment advice to help smart people achieve a secure and rewarding financial future.

If you fit that description, our expert research team would like to foster a long-term relationship with you … one that gives you the peace of mind and the financial returns you’re capable of achieving.

We are constantly assessing the investment landscape to find the best opportunities.  

  • Some of them are in other countries where vast natural resources or previously undiscovered technologies are creating windfalls for clued in investors.
  • Some of them are industry-specific, due to the long-term cyclical nature of production and consumption.
  • And others are stylistic, since not all investors have the same investment objectives. 

We offer you numerous services and opportunities to engage, learn and profit:

Broad Market
Personal Finance—Our flagship publication, delivering proven results since 1974
Your one-stop source for market-beating investing advice. Jim Pearce and his team of analysts scour the world for the best investments—whether a stock, bond, MLP or ETF—to build and protect your wealth no matter what the market does.  Personal Finance gives you in-depth insight and analysis that cuts through the noise and hype to reveal the truth about the economy, the market and your investments. In today’s volatile market, our 40+ years of proven, battle-tested experience will show you the smartest path to profits.
Masters of Wall Street—Your “cheat sheet” from history’s greatest investors
You don’t have to figure out how Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham managed to outperform the overall stock market for so long – we’ve already done that for you.  Thanks to the dogged persistence and inquisitive genius of John Reese, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, you can see what ten of history’s greatest investors would buy right now!  His patented system for picking stocks has beaten the S&P500 Index by a 4 to 1 margin over the past ten years, and now you can use it to build your fortune.  You can also use his analytical tools to evaluate any stock that trades on a U.S. exchange to see how it compares according to the all time greats.   

Equity Income
Utility Forecaster—Your guide to safe, stable high-income and growth stocks
For more than twenty-five years, Investing Daily’s Utility Forecaster has delivered double-digit annual gains like clockwork from the world’s best high-income and growth stocks on the planet. We help you create an endless stream of safe, steady income for life. Our analysts bring you in-depth coverage and expert analysis of investment opportunities in electric, water, natural gas and telecommunication utilities, week in and week out.
Global Income Edge—The Best Income Opportunities in the U.S. and Abroad
Consistent dividend payments are the key to income you can live on… filled with a nice retirement, luxurious vacations, and peace of mind. That’s why we scour the globe for the very best income opportunities, both in the U.S. and abroad. Our focus is on stable companies that pay unusually high dividend yields like 11.1%, 11.6%, and even 21.2%. It’s amazing what you can find when you don’t limit yourself to a particular sector or country. Don’t worry — almost all of the companies in our portfolios are still listed on U.S. exchanges, so they comply with mandatory financial requirements and are easy to purchase. Join Richard Stavros, Bob Frick, and Benjamin Shepherd at Global Income Edge as they find the world’s best dividends.
MLP Profits—Market-beating yields and nearly tax-free gains from Master Limited Partnerships
For more than two decades, Master Limited Partnerships have made millionaires out of savvy investors.  That’s why we launched MLP Profits as the first publication dedicated solely to these little known, but market-beating securities. These investments are tax-deferred – potentially forever – meaning MLP investors can keep 100% of their gains in their own account… and not pay it out to the IRS. Join us and realize some of the highest income and capital gains you’ll ever see.

Global Growth
Pacific Wealth—Total Returns and High Yields from the Pacific Basin
Welcome to the Pacific Basin – the world’s greatest growth region that is exploding with investment opportunities. Pacific Wealth will introduce you to this prosperous economic area of the world and offer hand-picked companies with high yields and high growth potential. Pacific Wealth is headed up by Cambridge- and Harvard-educated Martin Hutchinson, Chief Investment Strategist, who has spent 40 years as a scholar, traveler, merchant banker, investment expert, financial journalist and government advisor around the world. There is no better place to diversify and grow your portfolio than here at Pacific Wealth.
Canadian Edge—The best wealth-builder on the planet, with mile-high yields
Canada ranks among the world’s top 10 global economies and is home to the world’s fourth-largest stock market by capitalization. Canada is also bountiful in strong, dividend-paying companies with sky-high yields and low risk; companies that reward you month after month with steady income. Deon Vernooy, Chief Investment Strategist for Canadian Edge, a highly-educated and experienced Canadian resident with a Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, brings you the best from the Canadian investment universe.  Many of Deon’s readers are millionaires because of his advice.

The Energy Strategist—Minting the next round of energy millionaires
Going… going… almost gone! The race is on for the world’s dwindling energy resources. With The Energy Strategist, you can pocket huge profits from oil and gas, as well as leading-edge technologies like LNG, CNG, natural gas liquids and advanced materials. From transportation fuels to petrochemicals to powering homes, businesses and industry, the scramble for energy is already minting the newest millionaires of the 21st century. Our expert energy advisor, Robert Rapier, will show how to become one of them now.
Roadrunner Stocks—Big returns from small companies
It is a little known fact that in the long run small and mid-cap stocks outperform their much better known large-cap brethren.  In fact, no less of an authority than Warren Buffett has said many times that if his enormous fund could buy smaller cap stocks he would probably earn double the return that he can only get out of the mega cap stocks he is confined to buying.  Jim Fink, a self-made millionaire and former Wall Street lawyer, will uncover these hidden gems for you so you can beat the big boys to the punch.
Options for Income—Boost your portfolio with conservative options for aggressive income
Get the options trading service designed to add significant instant cash rewards to your portfolio, generate substantial capital gains and lower the risk of every investment you make in the future. You will receive 4 trading recommendations every month, whenever master trader Jim Fink identifies a high-probability play where the odds heavily favor your success. The members-only website includes educational videos and articles, performance tracking and everything you need to become a successful options trader, even if you’re a novice.
Smart Tech Investor—Power your portfolio with profits from innovation
The old days of boom-or-bust start-up companies in the technology sector are winding down, to be replaced by a small number of industry giants that will deliver steady growth and big dividends for decades to come. We know who they are, and can show you how to profit from both the undervalued long term winners that can still be bought at a fair price, and the trendy highflyers that are primed for a big fall. Use our unique methodology for evaluating tech stocks to profit in the new age of the tech sector.    

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