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Personal Finance

Personal Finance is one of America’s oldest and most successful independent research advisories.

If you’re not familiar with Personal Finance, this 50-year-old flagship newsletter is read by tens of thousands of wealthy readers each month. That’s because its entire focus is on safe, highly profitable investments.

Every recommendation you’ll find in Personal Finance comes from a team of successful investors with decades of experience in stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

Our team of analysts aren’t desk jockeys who earn a living by investing other people’s money. They’ve created their own wealth.

Like Personal Finance‘s Chief Investment Strategist, Jim Pearce. In addition to starting his own private investment banking firm, Jim has over 2 decades of hard-core Wall Street experience that includes stints at a number of private investment partnerships.

That’s the kind of inside knowledge that pays off for our readers.

In fact, over nearly a decade and a half — a period which included catastrophes like 9/11 and the market crash of 2008 — the Personal Finance portfolio racked up a total return nearly 3x better than the S&P 500…

Which means $10,000 invested in our portfolio would have grown to $28,100 15 years later!

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Personal Finance PRO

Jim Pearce’s PRO system was built to pinpoint the companies which have the highest probability of delivering oversized gains… FAST.

Because the less time you spend waiting for a stock to start its upward run, the quicker you could cash out with a big gain.

Which of course increases the number of trades you can take part in.

And stacking one gain of 39.16%… 55.10%….75.17%… and even 129.02%… on top of the next… over and over again is what creates VELOCITY in your portfolio.

The kind that can make a significant difference in your financial future.

Bottom line: Personal Finance PRO delivers the one thing you need the most if you’re looking to accelerate your investing success…

MORE shots… to make MORE money… MORE often.

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Utility Forecaster

Amazingly enough, at 35 years old, Utility Forecaster is only our second-oldest publication. Personal Finance takes the honor, of course. But like its sister publication, there’s a reason Utility Forecaster has survived so long. And that’s because our subscribers demand we keep it around.

There is no substitute for utility companies, and Utility Forecaster is the only newsletter we know of that can say it’s covered the utility industry for over three decades.

After all, what other investment could offer you all of this?

  • Fat Dividends: The average stock in our portfolio now throws off yield of almost 6%. What’s more, those dividends usually increase faster than inflation every year, so your nest egg is always a step ahead of that silent wealth-killer. These are the best income stocks you can own.
  • Superb Total Return: Few investors realize it, but with their high dividends and steadily rising prices, by the beginning of the year these overlooked stocks had beaten the S&P 500 by 1,164 percentage points since the year 2000. Tell that to anyone who says utilities are just stodgy stocks for widows and orphans.
  • Predictable, Stress-Free Gains: You’ll make your money at a steady pace with much less volatility.
  • Peace of Mind: You can buy a handful of these Steady Eddies and lock them away for years.
  • Bear Market Insurance: Utilities and other essential-service stocks are the most recession-proof stocks you can buy, bar none.
  • Retirement Security: The vast majority of these constant-cash-generators will likely mail you bigger and bigger checks for as long as you own shares.

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Income Forecaster

Income investing legend Robert Rapier has developed a way to pinpoint stocks that not only pay out extraordinary dividends…

But also have what it takes to grow share price substantially too.

And when I say his system pinpoints stocks that safely pay out big dividends…

I’m not talking about companies that might hand out double the paltry 1.69% average stocks pay now… or even triple…

Not even close.

To pass the tests Robert demands a stock to meet before he’ll recommend it to his Income Forecaster readers, it needs to pay out nearly 4.5x better than that.

Which means it must not only sport the potential to shoot up 30%… it must also dole out a 7.5% dividend bare minimum!

Imagine how much faster you could multiply your wealth when the payouts are up to 10x larger… AND the capital gains start piling up too.

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Rapier’s Income Accelerator

If you’re tired of settling for meager… even insulting dividends… then today could be the single greatest turning point in the history of your financial well-being.

Because you could secure access to Robert Rapier’s simple, reliable system for collecting extra cash…

One that could help you generate $334… $668… or $1,002 virtually every week.

The secret is in the 5 proprietary screens he hard coded into his system…

Which lets him identify trades with 3x to 20x MORE income than the normal dividend!

After you make a few of these easy instant cash trades for yourself…

You’ll NEVER go back to “normal” dividends… or a strict buy-and-hold approach… ever again.

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The Complete Investor

Every serious investor needs to have a reliable source of “no B.S., tell-it-like-it-is” investment advice. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from Dr. Stephen Leeb and his award-winning publication, The Complete Investor.

In a world chock full of terrorist threats… cybersecurity attacks… political shenanigans… and angry people protesting who knows what…

Dr. Leeb is a throwback to the days when experts told it like it was… even when the truth wasn’t pretty.

You won’t get sugarcoated investment advice when you read The Complete Investor. There’s no waffling words, hedging, or broker double-speak.

Instead, every time you read an issue you’ll get straightforward, actionable strategies that will help you invest in the smartest, most profitable opportunities out there. And you’ll get facts — lots of facts — to back up each and every recommendation. No fake news here.

Because we know you can handle the truth. And Dr. Leeb wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s why the six books he’s written have hit bestseller status. It’s why he’s a regular guest on Fox News. And it’s also why The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Business Week regularly seek out his opinion on financial matters.

He tells it like it is. And he’s usually right.

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Velocity Trader

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to make massive amounts of money in stunningly short amounts of time, then you’ll absolutely love Jim Fink’s explosive options advisory, Velocity Trader.

Because he’s figured out a way to take regular single-digit gains and MULTIPLY them into staggering profits of 100%… sometimes even more.

Better still, his scientific system turns these profitable trades around in 60 days or less.

Every week, Jim sends out two sentences of instructions to his subscribers.

And by simply following them in their online accounts, or reading them word for word to their broker, they’ve had the chance to take part in over 564 winners and bank gains of 30,231… in just over five years!

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Options for Income

Jim Fink has discovered a set of options trading strategies that allow you to collect thousands of dollars several times each month. And do it in a way that’s safer than trading stocks.

That’s not an exaggeration or wishful thinking. Over the past decade, Warren Buffett has made $4.9 billion trading options the way Jim does.

Each week, Jim sends all the lucrative, step-by-step details out to his subscribers…

And from spending just 9 minutes of their time (or less) each week, they could have collected a stunning $67,548.70 — or an average of $185.06 a day!

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Jim Fink’s Inner Circle

I know it may sound incredible… but Jim Fink runs yet ANOTHER absolute game-changer.

A trading system he calls Paragon… the same one that allowed him to walk away from his Wall Street firm with a personal fortune of over $5,000,000.

This Paragon system is a four-pronged profit machine that allows you to press “fast forward” on you moneymaking efforts by turning $5,000 into winners like

  • $8,586 on Jones Lang LaSalle
  • $10,417 on BootBarn
  • $10,000 on Applied Materials
  • $5,876 on Jacobs Engineering
  • $12,195 on
  • $6,126 on Peloton
  • $13,669 on Zebra Technologies

Bottom line: It’s amazing. With access to just these seven trades, you could be sitting on $66,869 right now.

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Seasonal Stock Alert

When the market is as mixed up as it is today… it demands a multi-pronged approach.

Which I’m sure is the reason we get a lot of people also asking us for straight-up stock picks and single-leg options trades on the best seasonal opportunities Jim Fink finds.

So not long ago, we launched new service called Seasonal Stock Alert.

But when Jim singles out a new pick for Seasonal Stock Alert readers, they don’t just get the instructions on how to buy the single-leg call option.

They get 3 ways to profit from every pick.

Because in every monthly alert he issues, there will also be a 2-sentence set of instructions you can execute in your online account (or say to your broker) to sell a naked put option which allows you to collect instant income…

And you’ll also get a full breakdown on buying the stock outright, including the limit price.

Plus, he’ll do it for two different stocks, which means you get six ways to profit each month!

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Real World Investing

If you’re even remotely interested in discovering how to turn even small investments in the world’s most critical resources and scarce commodities into a bonanza of wealth, then you’ll love Real World Investing, headed up by Dr. Stephen Leeb.

Inside, we show you how to grow rich by grabbing quick profits from small increases in the world’s fast-moving, highly-lucrative markets.

Real World Investing not only covers precious metals like gold, but also gives you smart ways to invest in oil, renewable energy, industrial metals… and even cybersecurity.

Bottom line: We focus on what’s going on today in the real world. And then we give you investment advice that allows you to bank windfall gains in the process.

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Mayhem Trader

Double your money in a year and they’ll call you a genius.

Double your money in a WEEK? On a stock that actually went DOWN?

They’ll call you a liar… yet that’s precisely what Jim Pearce did, using this dead-simple trading move in his premium service Mayhem Trader.

That’s right. In the heart of a historic bull market recovery, this strategy of profiting from falling stocks still works.

During a recent 21-day period this year — when most investors were sweating bullets — our research shows you could’ve turned every $500 into $111,285.55… from just three opportunities alone.

Better still, even raw beginners could’ve picked up HEFTY cash from these falling stocks…

And not in 6 months either… but in a matter of just a few weeks.

In today’s Wild West of online financial “advice,” it’s not just hard to find unique profit opportunities that actually pay out like this…

It’s virtually impossible… unless you follow Jim Pearce’s lead.

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Profit Catalyst Alert

There are 8,024 stocks and millions of ways to play them…

Unfortunately, most of the choices you can make are just “noise” that put you on the path to average gains… at best.

But we’re not looking for average profits in our portfolio. And I doubt you are either.

The key is to eliminate all the potential duds and focus on the stocks that have the best chance at bagging big gains.

How do we do that? We uncover Catalysts — unstoppable, tsunami-sized trends that are at the tipping point of hitting the mainstream.

Like the early days of railroad industry when it spread across America like wildfire and revolutionized the way people traveled… the discovery and early development of crude oil… or the birth of personal computers.

There are also economic catalysts like the Fed deciding to lower interest rates…

Crisis catalysts like World War II or the Covid pandemic…

And company-level catalysts like stock buybacks and positive earnings calls.

Inside Profit Catalyst Alert, our resident catalyst investing expert, Dr. Joe Duarte, will give you everything you need to know to profit from these powerful events.

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Marijuana Profit Alert

Marijuana is on a lot of smart investors’ minds… and full legalization is closer than anyone thinks.

Investing Daily’s resident marijuana investing expert, John Persinos, says all his research points to the fact that – now that we’ve entered a major election year – the marijuana market is about to ignite.

And when it does, the stocks he covers in his Marijuana Profit Alert service could blow away the profits cannabis doled out up to this point…

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Wealth Society

The Wealth Society is our top-tier membership level. It’s a made up of a group of investors who want the best of the best. And are willing to pay thousands of dollars to be a part of it.

When you join the Wealth Society it automatically entitles you to receive every advisory we publish for free. That includes all our monthly newsletters, trading services, special reports, and training videos.

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