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Personal Finance

Personal Finance is one of America’s oldest and most successful independent research advisories. If you’re not familiar with Personal Finance, this 44-year-old flagship newsletter is read by tens of thousands of millionaires each month. That’s because its entire focus is on safe, highly profitable investments.

Every recommendation you’ll find in your monthly Personal Finance issues come from a team of successful investors with decades of experience in stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

Our team of analysts isn’t made up of desk jockeys who earn a living by investing other people’s money. They’ve created their own wealth.

Price: $99

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Utility Forecaster

Amazingly enough, at 29 years old, Utility Forecaster is only our second-oldest publication. Personal Finance takes the honor, of course. But like its sister publication, there’s a reason Utility Forecaster has survived so long. And that’s because our subscribers demand we keep it around.

There is no substitute for utility companies, and Utility Forecaster is the only newsletter we know of that can say it’s covered the utility industry for nearly three decades. Subscribers agree. Over the years, they’ve stuffed our mailbox with letters like these:

“I’ve been able to add a 7th figure to one of my brokerage accounts solely on your advice over these last 8 years.” —J.V., Vero Beach, Florida

“You’ve made me money this year.” —Jim H.

Utility Forecaster has been the cornerstone of my investing program, enabling me to comfortably retire.” —Richard B.

Price: $149

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The Complete Investor

Every serious investor needs to have a reliable source of “no B.S., tell-it-like-it-is” investment advice. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from Dr. Stephen Leeb and his award-winning publication, The Complete Investor.

In a world chock full of terrorist threats… cybersecurity attacks… political shenanigans… and angry people protesting who knows what… Dr. Leeb is a throwback to the days when experts told it like it was… even when the truth wasn’t pretty.

You won’t get sugarcoated investment advice when you read The Complete Investor. There’s no weasly words. Hedging. Or namby-pamby broker double-speak. Instead, every time you read an issue you’ll get straightforward, actionable strategies that will help you invest in the smartest, most profitable opportunities out there. And you’ll get facts—lots of facts—to back up each and every recommendation. No fake news here.

Because we know you can handle the truth. And Dr. Leeb wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why the five books he’s written have hit bestseller status. It’s why he’s a regular guest on Fox News. And it’s also why The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Business Week regularly seek out his opinion on financial matters. He tells it like it is. And he’s usually right.

Price: $129

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Velocity Trader

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to make massive amounts of money in stunningly short amounts of time, then you’ll absolutely love Jim Fink’s explosive options advisory, Velocity Trader.

Because he’s figured out a way to take regular single-digit gains and MULTIPLY them into staggering profits of 100%, sometimes even more. Better still, his scientific system turns these profitable trades around in just days.

Every week, Jim sends out two sentences of instructions to his subscribers. And by simply following them in your online account, or reading them word for word to your broker, you could have banked more than 24 triple-digit winning trades—in less than a year.

Price: $3,000

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Options for Income

Jim Fink has discovered a set of options trading strategies that allow you to collect thousands of dollars several times each month. And do it in a way that’s safer than trading stocks.

That’s not an exaggeration. Or wishful thinking. Over the past decade, Warren Buffett has made $4.9 billion trading options the way Jim does.

When you join, each week you’ll receive all the lucrative, step-by-step trade details Jim sends subscribers. And from nine minutes of your time (or less), you could be making $1,000 or more each week.

Price: $3,000

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Profit Catalyst Alert

There’s no better way to experience the level of financial power you’d see from a hedge fund than to subscribe to Profit Catalyst Alert.

Here’s just a small sample of the fast gains Profit Catalyst Alert has delivered recently…

  • Mueller Water: 82% in 5 days
  • The Chemours Company: 142% in 3 days
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals: 65% in 6 days
  • Novartis AG: 75% in 22 days
  • Acuity Brands: 326% in 9 days
  • Gypsum Management & Supply: 66% in 7 months
  • Camping World: 46% in 3 months
  • Brunswick: 45% in 5 days

Price: $3,000

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Radical Wealth Alliance

Join the entire Investing Daily team as we target small company stocks with the potential to soar 1,000% or more. Stocks like these have shown savvy investors real returns of 2,167%… 3,958%… 1,455%… 1,636%… and even 4,532%

Through the use of our breakthrough “David vs. Goliath” system, we track down dozens upon dozens of small companies on the cusp of making huge share price leaps in a short amount of time. Companies like…

  • Kemet Corp., which soared 1,988%… in less than 2 years.
  • Gravity Company, which rocketed 1,644%… in about 15 months
  • Heska Corporation, which surged 1,615%… most of the increase occurring in just a year
  • Straight Path Communications, which soared 4,532%… the majority of the gains coming in less than 6 months
  • And Pier 1 Imports, which went from a rock-bottom 11-cents a share all the way to $25.20. That’s a mind-blowing increase of 22,809%!

Every new trade from Radical Wealth Alliance has been thoroughly vetted by Investing Daily’s team of experts… and has the best potential to quickly and safely bring you a 1,000% or more return on your money.

Price: $5,000

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Income Millionaire

Remember when banks actually paid interest on deposits? When income investors could simply buy CDs and enjoy retirement? And when you didn’t have to risk your life savings on Wall Street just to make ends meet?

Well, now you can go back to the glory days of profitable income investing with our newsletter, Income Millionaire. Our subscribers have become accustomed to the good life, investment returns included. They’re happy to collect fat income checks. And watch their nest eggs grow without anxiously watching their online account. Or worrying when the next crash will wipe them out.

That’s because our income investments SAFELY deliver consistent payouts month after month. Year after year. Better still, our unique strategy allows you enjoy SUPERSIZED returns.

Because we only select stocks that offer both consistent dividends AND huge upside potential.

Price: $1,995

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Real World Investing

If you’re even remotely interested in discovering how to turn even small investments in the world’s most critical resources and scarce commodities into a bonanza of wealth, then you’ll love Real World Investing.

Inside, we show you how to grow rich by grabbing quick profits from small increases in the world’s fast-moving, highly-lucrative markets.

Real World Investing not only covers precious metals like gold, but also gives you smart ways to invest in oil, renewable energy, industrial metals… and even cybersecurity.

Bottom line: We focus on what’s going on today in the real world. And then we give you investment advice that allows you to bank windfall gains in the process.

Price: $2,495

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Systematic Wealth

The sophisticated system that drives this service generates a simple set of instructions for each trade it pinpoints, and if you follow along…

You could be earning 99.2%… 152.6 %… and even 181.7 % annualized returns (or higher) practically every month…

Best of all, these gains had nothing to do with futures or other risky financial instruments. You’re not day-trading. You’re not sitting in front of a computer all day. And you’re definitely not worrying about what your portfolio is doing at night either.

Because this powerful system finds regular stocks that are about to move. Then it simply tells you when to get in. And exactly when to get out. Often, you only hold a stock for 30 to 90 days at most. That’s it.

As you can see, it’s a low commitment strategy. But that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Because this system is so laser-accurate that you’ll rack up more gains in the next twelve months than you’ve made in the last 12 years.

Price: $3,000

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Wealth Society

The Wealth Society is our top-tier membership level. It’s a made up of a group of investors who want the best of the best. And are willing to pay thousands of dollars to be a part of it.

When you join the Wealth Society it automatically entitles you to receive every advisory we publish for free. That includes all our monthly newsletters, trading services, special reports, and training videos.

Price: Please contact us at (800) 543-2051 for customized pricing.