Tech Spotlight

It the Internet of Things weren’t reality, it would sound like the plot of a science fiction movie. Silently, and all around us, our devices are starting to talk to each other. Trading information, planning and alerting each other at crucial times.   Read More

In this issue: The Big Picture: Is Biotech Dead Money? In Depth: New EBIS Pick:  Whitewave Foods (WWAV) – Food. Science. Momentum. Special Situation Trading Portfolio: Biotech ETF Short Term Trade Details Long Term Holding EBIS Portfolio:  VIVO News, Breakout – Updated Buy Range News and Analysis: Biosimilars:  Behind the… Read More

The main questions for biotech investors are whether there is a correlation between the price of oil and if there is such a correlation, what is it telling us at the current period and the potential for the price action in the biotech sector? Read More

The week of December 21, 2015 promises to be significant for our “EBIS” and “Trading” portfolios as last week’s action in the markets shook things up a bit. Read More

Pull over George Jetson!  Self-parking cars, self-dimming mirrors, collision warning signals and voice responsive infotainment are no longer features of futuristic pods. Walk onto the floor of any car showroom and you will be bombarded with electronic bells and whistles.  Heated seats and electronic side mirrors, once considered pampered choices… Read More

A picture is worth a thousand words. And, believe it or not, the odds of a biotech rally may be on the rise. We’ll note right here and now, that it is quite possible that we’re wrong given the potential for nasty earnings surprises or any other external events that… Read More

When does one plus one equal 3?  In the bizarre math of Wall Street, a corporate spin-off or split can be the fuel needed to fire up a stock.  Although these break ups have no impact on total earnings investors will often assign a higher valuation to a pure growth… Read More

In this issue:The Big Picture: Why Being Patient Matters In This MarketIn Depth: New EBS Pick – Greatbatch Inc. (GB) An Industrial Medical Equipment Turnaround Story with a TwistEBIS Portfolio Alerts: EBIS Portfolio Components Show Some Grace Under PressureNews Update: Research Stage Biotech Companies Feel the PinchThe biotech sector again… Read More