Joe Duarte

Dr. Joe Duarte has been a professional investor and independent analyst since 1990.  He has appeared on CNBC, has published articles on and has been widely quoted in the major media including The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s magazine.  He is author of “Trading Options for Dummies,” 2nd Edition and “Trading Futures for Dummies.”  His second book was “Successful Biotech Investing.” 

Analyst Articles

I am recommending the purchase of United Healthcare June 16, 2017 165 Call (UNH_170616100C16500) up to $5.  United is the largest health insurer in the U.S. The stock has fallen in sympathy with Molina Healthcare (NYSE: MOH) as the latter missed its Q$ earnings and announced that it is likely… Read More

I am issuing a buy recommendation for Teradyne (NYSE: TER), a leader in electronic manufacturing equipment testing equipment. Read More

Shares of AMAG Pharmaceuticals (NSDQ: AMAG), a pharmaceutical company focusing on maternal medicine, fell below our Sell Stop of $22 and are now rated SELL. The company’s shares tumbled after it announced positive top line results from its Definitive Pharmacokinetic Study for Makena Subcutaneous Administration and will file a New… Read More

It’s time to take profits on Rollins Inc., a stock that seems to be stalling out, and also to clear out the options hanger in order to make room for more opportunities. Rollins . (NYSE: ROL), the global leader in pest control, has exterminated the profit blues for us since we… Read More