Joe Duarte

Dr. Joe Duarte has been a professional investor and independent analyst since 1990.  He is a former Registered Investment Advisor and author of the Bestselling "Options Trading for Dummies," now in its 4th edition and several other books including "Market Timing for Dummies" and "Successful Biotech Investing". Although Joe's favorite areas of the market are technology and healthcare, he is a versatile investor who enjoys finding that hidden gem stock before the crowd, no matter what the sector. He is an original CNBC Market Maven, and is visible regularly on Stockcharts.TV. He has published articles on and has been widely quoted in the major media including The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s magazine.  

Analyst Articles

As the election season nears its climax expect more volatility in the markets, but also in the health care sector, which remains the great unknown. In this environment it is important to remain patient, focus on the fundamentals of each company, and to be hedged against risk. Read More

This week I am going out on a limb and hoping for a pleasant surprise by reviewing the recent action in Opko Health as well as in Texas Instruments, two interesting stocks with a lot at stake over the next couple of weeks. Read More

Instead of currently positioning the Applied Science and Biotech portfolio section of BTP for aggressive growth, I am focusing on maintaining the portfolio’s current value while concentrating some of our strategies on short term trends such as earnings. Read More

The future is uncertain as the presidential election season heads into high gear. But it’s not a time to panic. Instead, it’s a time to focus on individual positions and opportunities, and to manage risk. With this in mind I am paying attention to both the markets as well as… Read More

 I expect shares of Amgen (NSDQ: AMGN), the world’s largest biotech company, to rise above $180 in the next few weeks based on a reliable seasonal pattern. The stock tends to rise in price during the month prior to the release of its earnings report, which is due out on… Read More

It is said that blood and family are the ties that bind.  It is also accepted that even the unrelated can be bound by circumstances.  Unfortunately, two of our portfolio stocks, McKesson (NYSE: MCK) and Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), currently share a different type of binding influence, that of difficulties… Read More

Fear of higher interest rates struck with a vengeance on September 9, as the nearly 400-point decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average demonstrated. Stocks fell hard and with purpose in response to comments from Boston Fed governor Erik Rosengren, who said he supported higher interest rates, albeit at a… Read More

As we head into the home stretch for the U.S. presidential election, and the often unpredictable months of September and October, it’s important to closely monitor our portfolios.   The global economy continues to show signs of sluggishness and the financial markets are becoming increasingly unpredictable due to potential central bank… Read More