Joe Duarte

Dr. Joe Duarte is Chief Investment Strategist and Editor of Profit Catalyst Alert.  He has been a professional investor and independent analyst since 1990.  He is a former Registered Investment Advisor and author of the Bestselling "Options Trading for Dummies," now in its 4th edition and several other books including "Market Timing for Dummies" and "Successful Biotech Investing". Although Joe's favorite areas of the market are technology and healthcare, he is a versatile investor who enjoys finding that hidden gem stock before the crowd, no matter what the sector. He is an original CNBC Market Maven, and is visible regularly on Stockcharts.TV. He has published articles on and has been widely quoted in the major media including The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s magazine.  

Analyst Articles

It’s time to take profits on Rollins Inc., a stock that seems to be stalling out, and also to clear out the options hanger in order to make room for more opportunities. Rollins . (NYSE: ROL), the global leader in pest control, has exterminated the profit blues for us since we… Read More

I am issuing a Buy recommendation on AMAG Pharmaceuticals (NSDQ: AMAG), a biotech company focusing on improving treatments for common but serious diseases such as complications of pregnancy and anemia. The stock is starting to show signs of accumulation and could deliver a significant intermediate term gain. Buy AMAG Pharmaceuticals up… Read More

I am recommending the purchase of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) up to $63, a leading global pharmaceutical company with a large oncology presence. The stock is starting to outperform the rest of the big pharma sector which suggests that there is a possible positive surprise in the offing, perhaps… Read More

I am recommending the purchase of a Molina Healthcare June 17 55 Straddle.Buy to Open Molina Healthcare June 16 55 Call Option (MOH_170616C0005500) up to $8.Buy to Open Molina Healthcare June 16 55 Put Option (MOH_170616P0005500) up to $8Rational for the trade: Molina is a leading provider of Medicaid HMO insurance… Read More

This week I’ll talk about restructuring the portfolio by using option strategies for healthcare stocks where I expect rising volatility. This strategy has been successful several times recently: our 700%+ options gain with McKesson, the recent 53% gain on Texas Instruments options, the recent 22% gain on… Read More

Sell shares of Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD) and Ambarella (NSDQ: AMBA). Keep Diebold February Options Straddle open.I am recommending the sale of Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD) shares ahead of Italy’s referendum due to the increased potential risk to companies doing business in the Eurozone if the “No” vote prevails. Read More