Tech Spotlight

If the Apple Watch does what all other smart watches have failed to do – sell well – several machines which you had to either lug with you or go to special places to use will be converged within a single device. Read More

When Jim and I were youngsters we rooted for our hometown baseball team, the Washington Senators. His dad would pile a bunch of us kids into his tiny VW Beetle and make the drive from his home in suburban Virginia to Washington D.C. I am sure we gave him headaches… Read More

Our fourth and final installment on "the utility stocks of the 21st century" asks this important question: Has anyone found the "killer app" for social media? Read More

Part 3 of a series: As construction of the Information Superhighway nears completion, a new set of tech sector utility companies are being created that will dominate the market for years to come. Read More

Many people are talking about the “Cloud” – the ecosystem of servers and related technology that enables remote data processing and storage. What I don’t hear is why this represents such a significant shift in how tech companies are valued and how the economy will change as a result. I… Read More

Last month’s In Focus article, “Get Your Clicks on Route 66,” introduced the idea that the rise of the Internet during the current macroeconomic long wave is analogous to the construction of the National Highway System during the immediate postwar era (for a detailed explanation of Long Wave Macroeconomic Theory,… Read More

A lot of fortunes were made as a result of construction of the National Highway System by farsighted entreprunuers who recognized the enormous increase in demand for food, gas and shelter for its travelers that it would create.  Its too late to capitalize on those 20th century success stories, but you can still cash in on the next generation of tech companies that have set up shop along the offramps of the Information Superhighway. Read More

With Fed tapering on the horizon, our pick for 2014 is an industry giant that somehow manages to remain undervalued despite two very successful product launches in 2013 and a new activist shareholder who will demand a more proactive approach to building shareholder value. Read More