Alex Benfield

Alex Benfield is the Editor of Crypto Trend Investor as well as Crypto Investing Daily. He has been researching, analyzing, and investing in all things cryptocurrency for over 7 years now. Alex began his personal cryptocurrency investments in 2017 and officially started his crypto career in 2018 as an analyst at Digital Assets Data, a crypto data company. He spent 2020-2023 working as a co-editor and analyst for Weiss Ratings where he co-managed multiple portfolios of crypto blue-chips with sprinkles of exciting altcoin investments. Alex’s trading style hinges on long term momentum based swing trades that capitalize on the crypto markets massive volatility and price swings between bull and bear markets. 

In addition to trading and investing in cryptocurrency Alex is also a golfer, skier, and avid boatsman. Alex is also a dual citizen of Brazil and the United States and he has a penchant for travel. He has been to many different countries in Central and South America as well as Europe, with Japan next up on the list of countries to travel to.

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