A Tale of Two Oils

Chief Investment Officer Robert Rapier’s long-term outlook for crude oil is bullish, but that doesn’t mean oil will move up in a straight line — or that every type of oil will move in lockstep. In this issue, Robert discusses the key Brent-WTI Differential, where it’s headed in 2013, and what stocks are likely to benefit.

We also provide an updated look at why Chevron remains our favorite US-based oil giant.

In This Issue

The Stories

1. All oil is not created equal. Discover the difference and why some stocks could win, while others lose, as a result. Read “A Distinction With a Difference.”

2. We explain why Chevron remains more attractive than its peers in “Chevron’s Advantages.”

Stock Talk

Guest One



I’d like to ask whether you are familiar with CSE and their problems with the Cardial power plant? What would happen if the the current customer decides not to extend the power purchase agreement? Would that mean that CSE would have to shut down the plant or could they sell to somebody else?

Thanks in advance and best regards


Guest One


Cannot access

Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier

Hi Peter,

I am not that familiar with CSE, but Roger Conrad covered this in the most recent Canadian Edge. Here were his comments that directly address your query:

“They are still in negotiations with the Ontario Power Authority, which have dragged on for some time. If they were unable to renew the contract for Cardinal, they would have to find another customer, shut it or sell. I think all three would require a substantial write off, if they were even possible. I think most likely they are going to have to accept a much lower price than they’re getting.”


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