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Fellow Investor,

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” goes the age-old saying. It’s an excuse to have a good time with your friends, regardless of where you are or what time it is.

It’s the literal truth. If you keep moving with the world’s time zones, you’ll never run out of Happy Hours.

The world is always turning… and the sun is always shining… somewhere. 

This is the approach I use for investing. I go wherever the income is best, and I pick the highest yield with the greatest amount of stability.

This includes some wonderful picks based here in the U.S….

5.41%, 6.13%, and 9.51%.

And it also includes top-notch finds from around the globe…

10.05%, 10.10% and 10.32%!

I find the greatest income that the world has to offer.

My name is Richard Stavros, and I’m Investing Daily’s global income specialist. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that no matter what’s happening here at home, some other part of the world is always booming.

The only trick is knowing what’s happening, and where…

That’s where I come in. my team of investing analysts and I are experts at finding global income. With yields like…

8.07% from a hospital properties company that loves handing out dividend checks. Or 7.21% from a rock-solid Brazilian bank. Or 10.32% from a deep sea drilling company with a near monopoly…

And another 4.81%, 5.07%, 6.75%, 6.95%, 10.05% from my Conservative Portfolio…

And the 7.11%, 7.21%, 7.22%, 10.10% and a whopping 10.32% from my Aggressive Portfolio.

I write about these incredible high-yield picks in every single issue of Income Without Borders. (That puts a sweet dividend-payer in your email inbox every single week.)

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As I mentioned, this is just a taste of the advice and information I give to Income Without Borders readers every week.

Remember – all of these stocks are listed on U.S. exchanges. It’s the investing version of “Think Globally, Act Locally.” You can buy the world’s best from right where you’re sitting.

So don’t wait! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and those high yields will make all the difference in your portfolio.

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Yours for the World’s Best Income,

Richard Stavros
Richard Stavros
Chief Investment Strategist, Income Without Borders & Global Income Edge

P.S. Don’t forget — I’ve found perfect yields that soar up to 10.05%, 10.10% and even 10.32%… 

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