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With all the conflicting—and often self-interested—commentary you get from the business media, it’s tough to know where to turn for proven, independent stock investment strategies you can rely on.

That’s why we created Mind Over Markets. Every week, this FREE e-letter brings you the clear, straightforward advice of Jim Pearce, backed by the Investing Daily research team.

Every week, Jim and our handpicked team of investment experts sift through reams of economic data, company earnings and industry studies. Then they boil it all down to insightful, easy-to-read articles. That’s what you get in Mind Over Markets: the straight facts, with no jargon or brokerspeak—and no punches pulled.

What’s more, Jim and his team are all masters in the art of attaining financial independence. There’s not a single professional journalist or, heaven forbid, pundit on our staff. Never has been. Never will be.

That means you always get clear, well-thought-out advice that will help you build an investment strategy for the long term. You’ll find no fly-by-night picks or risky get-rich-quick stock investment strategies here.

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