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Fellow Investor,

Over the last 10 years—often referred to as the Dow’s “lost decade”—many American investors have satisfied themselves with paltry annual returns of 2% to 3%, often even less.

If you’re one of those investors, I have great news for you: Those days are over.

I’m Benjamin Shepherd, Investing Daily’s international-investing specialist. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that no matter what’s happening here at home, some other part of the world is always booming. The trick is getting in at the right time—and knowing how to buy international stocks that are in the best position to take maximum advantage.

And with the U.S. economy still weak in the wake of the Great Recession, there’s never been a better time than now to buy international stocks. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Stunning economic growth is putting more cash in the pockets of consumers in India, China and other fast-growing countries—and they’re spending it fast as they race out of poverty;
  • The next wave of innovation is coming from the East. Emerging markets are no longer just the world’s workshops. As they overtake developed countries, their productivity is soaring. At the same time, they’re developing cutting-edge technology that will be in huge demand in the future. So, if you missed out on big gains in U.S. stocks like McDonald’s and Apple, this is your second chance!

  • It’s never been easier to tap into rising overseas wealth. You can often buy international stocks right here on U.S. exchanges—or through ETFs and other investments.

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Ben Shepherd
Benjamin Shepherd,
Chief Investment Strategist, Passport to Profits

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