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  • Crypto Investing 101 — answering all of the most common questions I hear from new (and even veteran!) crypto investors including:
    • What’s the best exchange to buy crypto on?
    • How do I store my coins securely?
    • Do I need a hard wallet — and what’s the best one?
    • How do I figure out my blockchain address?
    • What is a seed phrase — and how do I protect it?
    • And the most common question of all: What’s the first thing I should do?
  • Crypto Trend Investor’s Blueprint — a deep dive into my process of using 9 separate parameters to target only the best coins with the potential to deliver 10x gains
  • Crypto’s Fantastic 5: Your Roadmap to $500,000 — including all the information you need to know to get in on the top 5 coins set to dominate the next 12 months in the crypto market

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