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Fellow Investor,

You’re standing on the brink of a bull market surge in energy that will dwarf the computer revolution of the 1980s and the technology craze of the 1990s.

I was one of the first advisors to understand and communicate the long-term ramifications of the perpetual energy crisis, recommending two long overlooked uranium mining companies. These stocks since exploded, shooting up over 80% and 150% in less than one year! If history is any guide, this uranium boom will last for many years, handing investors the chance for life-changing profits. You could be one of them!

Never before has the investment “big picture” been clearer: If you want to make money in the years ahead, the name of the game is energy! And when you sign-up for this free e-zine, you’ll learn how to master the complex energy markets with in-depth analysis and commentary on the latest trends in LNG, tanker companies, uranium mining companies, drillers and alternative energy.

The Energy Letter is a FREE e-zine delivered every other week. It’s the perfect complement to your investment newsletters because while some newsletters do talk about energy, no one discusses it as thoroughly as I do in The Energy Letter.

The energy markets are complex, but they can be highly profitable if you have the information to make smart investment decisions. And that’s what every issue of The Energy Letter will give you. You’ll gain a valuable understanding of the industry with information you won’t find anywhere else such as:

  • Which oil companies will profit from the oil crunch
  • What are the highest-yielding tanker stocks
  • What are the best coal companies to invest in
  • How Russian and Middle East politics will shape the future of the energy markets
  • The best plays in alternative energy, oil sands and uranium

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