Closing Out Our Amazon Call Option for a 134% Gain in 2.5 Months

Hi, this is Phil Ash, president of Investing Daily. It’s that time of the month whereby we close out another Seasonal Stock Alert (SSA) trade from Jim Fink. In the following video, I’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step.

This particular trade involves e-commerce giant Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN). Jim recommended this trade because it shows strong seasonality every year between May 23 and August 14. During the past 10 years, Amazon’s share price has risen in that time period every year except for 2019. That translates into a 90% positive stock seasonality, making this trade a prime candidate for SSA.

Let’s pop over to my real money account where I’m trading Jim’s SSA trades (you can follow along by watching the video). We’ll go ahead and close out this trade, which is currently in the money. He’s sitting at a midpoint of about 35. I’ll put in a limit price of 35 here, since the stock is in the midst of an upswing (as of this writing) and we’ll see if that gets executed. I will adjust the pricing throughout the day if it doesn’t get executed right away.

The upshot: My limit order closed out for a 134% gain within a few minutes of placing it.

We’re currently sitting on a few losses in the SSA portfolio, but those trades all have plenty of time to turn around. Taking a look at the portfolio and the six trades that Jim has made since inception of this product, four out of his six trades are winners and two have lost.

In closing out our Amazon call option, we’ve racked up a gain of 134% in only 2.5 months. Pretty darn good. The portfolio so far has a solid success rate with an overall gain.

Thanks for watching.

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