Seasonal Stock Alert Update: Closing Out a Long Call Option for an 80% Gain

This is Phil Ash, president of Investing Daily. In the video below, I will share with you an update on my personal portfolio using Jim Fink’s Seasonal Stock Alert advisory.

Back on January 24 of this year, Jim recommended that we trade these three stocks with one of his three strategies.

I will focus on CME Group (NSDQ: CME) today, which I am closing out. (For additional details about the other trades, watch my video.)

CME was recommended by Jim because it has shown positive seasonality in this time period, for nine of the past 10 years. For Jim to recommend a trade, it needs to have positive seasonality for at least seven out of the last 10 years.

Jim always provides three strategies.

The first is to flat-out by the stock, which I did not do. The second is to sell a put option which I did not do. I employed the third strategy, which is simply to buy a long call, and because of the seasonality, we are closing it out today, March 4.

We’re looking at my Fidelity account of my Seasonal Stock Alert portfolio.

For starters, I invested $5,000 in this account, almost a year ago, back in March 20, 2023, and I put another $5,000 in eight months later in November 20, 2023. I have roughly $17,000 in value in this account, which is about a 70% return on that $10,000 investment.

We’re closing out the CME trade today; the long call option it is up 80%. For additional details, watch my video.

Editor’s Note: Once a month Jim Fink, chief investment strategist of Seasonal Stock Alert, will send out an alert that gives you six ways to profit from a pair of stocks whose profit windows are days away from opening. Each alert comes with specific buy instructions and target prices so you know when to cash out.

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