Revealed: Our Top 5 “Millionaire-Making” Stocks

We’ve discovered five stocks hiding in plain sight that could make you a millionaire.

But you’ll never hear about them in the press. And Wall Street has sleepwalked right past them.


Because they’re located in a country that’s 14 time zones away from Wall Street. But these winning picks are just as easy to buy as any U.S. stock.

So where are we talking about?

Here are some hints: 

  • According to Forbes, this country’s citizens are the third-happiest in the world (America barely cracks the top 10)…

  • …that’s likely because they’re the richest people on the planet. Their median wealth stands at $219,505—five times higher than our median wealth of $44,911;

  • This country’s stocks are considered the world’s most profitable. Its stock exchange has remained strong for 110 years. Its equity market is the eighth-largest in the world.

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. We’re talking about Australia.

You read that right.

A place that makes most Americans think of vegemite sandwiches, kangaroos and the Outback is the richest country on Earth.

And here’s something else most investors don’t know: last year, Australians grew their wealth by more than a billion dollars a day.

That growth minted 43,274 new millionaires.

By now you must be wondering what their secret is … and how you can take advantage of it yourself.

That’s where our top 5 picks come in.

They’re the same opportunities ordinary Australians use to get rich … and we’ve just put the finishing touches on a special report that gives you everything you need to know about them.

Make no mistake: each has the potential to turn you into a millionaire.

We’ll tell you more about this new report—including how you can get your own copy free—in just a moment.

First, let’s take a look at the forces driving the economy of the richest (and just about the happiest) citizens in the world.

4 Keys to Australia’s Stunning Growth

Below are just a few key advantages Australia enjoys over America right now.

As you read them, think about where America started out and where it is today. Then look at where Australia is right now—it has everything going for it that our country did when we became a world leader.

At the end, you can decide for yourself if you want take part in their success story.

Sound good?

Great. Let’s keep going. 

  • Aussie Advantage #1: Government—Australia’s government has only shut down once, in 1975. America? We’ve been hit by 18 crippling shutdowns since 1976, resulting in $24 billion in lost economic output;

  • Aussie Advantage #2: Taxes—Individual taxes can’t go higher than 45% in Australia, while they can be as high as 56% in the U.S. And the Australian government allows deductions that lower taxes on dividends;

  • Aussie Advantage #3: Banks—Australia’s banking system is among the world’s five safest, on par with Switzerland. Ours barely makes Standard & Poor’s top 25 list;

  • Aussie Advantage #4: GDP Growth—Australia has notched 23 straight years of economic growth—while our latest streak is only four years long.

We could go on and on with reasons why you should put some of your money into Australian stocks.

We could tell you about the study from the think tank the Heritage Foundation that measures economic freedom. It ranked Australia third. We came in 12th.

The Aussies are beating us at economic freedom? It’s arguably a principle we invented!

Maybe that’s why the Australian Trade Commission reported that foreign investors have $2.5 trillion invested in Australian stocks. Or why foreign investors plowed $155 billion—a 55% increase—into their stock market in the past three years.


Alarm Bells Are Ringing in America

Here at home, more and more experts are warning us about America’s stock market.

Like former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who said: “The stock market has recovered so sharply for so long, you have to assume somewhere along the line we’ll get a significant correction.”

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is on the same page. Here’s what he says about U.S. stocks:

“In my mind, it’s time to be cautious about the U.S. stock market. While we are having a great year, I am being very selective about the companies I purchase.”

The bottom line: Now is a perfect time to diversify some of your money into a country whose economy has grown for 23 straight years … a country that outperforms the U.S. on virtually every financial front … a country that created 43,274 new millionaires last year.

If you agree, your timing couldn’t be better.

Because now we’re going to show you…

How to Become the 43,275th Millionaire

Your Australian profit adventure begins with the free report we mentioned earlier. It’s called “The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire: 5 Australian Stocks That Can Make You Rich.”

One of the companies you’ll read about is Millionaire Maker #2, your best chance to profit from Australia’s super-safe banking system.

But here’s the thing: this isn’t a stodgy, grow-at-3%-a-year kind of bank. Far from it.

Thanks to an aggressive push into Asia, it delivered an 11% year-over-year earnings surge. That led to a massive 14% dividend hike.

Best of all, its domestic mortgage lending has grown faster than its competition’s for the past 14 quarters. And its home loan sales have increased 16% this year. It now owns 15% of the country’s mortgage market.

That safe domestic growth gives it the cash it needs to keep expanding into new markets.

Our advice? Pick up some shares now, before the price goes beyond a reasonable level.

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Editor’s note: Still unsure? Let me put your mind at ease about one thing that may be causing you to hesitate: getting in on any of these opportunities really does amount to an easy trade at any brokerage. It’s just as easy as buying a U.S. stock.

No matter if the bull market is about to die or if it keeps going up for another six months—or even a year—it makes sense to insulate yourself from the inevitable downturn the experts have warned us about. Australia is the perfect way to do that.

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