The One Tech Stock to Own for the Next 12 Months

It’s happening again—right before our eyes.

Investors are piling into tech stocks, trying to be the smart (and rich!) early investor who cashes in on Amazon at $4 … Qualcomm at $3 … or Netflix at $10.

But here’s the sad truth: most of these early birds are going to lose a bundle.


Because they’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle with…

  • Whiz-bang pieces of personal tech you can wear, download or drive.

  • Wild hype about social media and the next teenage tech trend.

  • Amazing breakthroughs that will revolutionize their lives!

But by the time these investors jump in, most of the big money has usually been made—and they’re left with overpriced stocks on the downside of the growth curve.

This time, the losses will be epic, because there’s a sea change happening in technology that’s creating massive losers at the same time as it’s building up legacy-sized winners.

As we’ll explain in a moment, the new tech stock profit model has almost nothing to do with “innovation.” It’s all about another factor most tech analysts ignore entirely.

This “other factor” is the key to the next big wave of tech-stock profits—and the company we’re about to tell you about has all the right stuff to become one of the truly big winners of the next few years.

Intrigued? Then read on to discover…

Why Our #1 Tech Pick Is So Intriguing

Before we tell you what our top pick is, let’s first go over what it is not: 

  • It’s not a big name: its market cap is under $8 billion, and only one Wall Street analyst covers it (he rates it a “hold”).

  • It’s not a new startup. (It was founded in 1936.)

  • It’s not the lead dog in a cutting-edge area. In fact, it’s what you might call “old tech.”

So why are we so excited about this company?

Because the last time our system uncovered one like it, we watched it skyrocket 50% in only eight months.

That was Western Digital—a maker of storage devices for individuals and corporations. Hardly the stuff of tech stock dreams, but then neither is our new pick!

The truth is, this stock is at least 50% more undervalued than that winner—so our gains could be even bigger this time! We’ll have a lot more to say about this hidden gem in a moment. It comes to you from Jim Pearce, chief strategist at our Smart Tech Investor advisory.

First, we want to show you why we’re so confident it will reward you with at least 50% profits in the next 12 months, starting with…

The Most Overlooked Market in Tech

Given that this company sits at the lucrative intersection between technology and small business success, it’s a mystery why it’s so underappreciated.

Because while many tech analysts try to guess what technology will appeal to consumers, the fact is there are much more predictable profits to be made by selling to corporations.

Businesses have much more money to spend on technology, and even small companies can benefit from tax laws that encourage investing in business equipment.

Why not get the latest technology when you’re rewarded with a fast tax write-off that slashes the price? That’s an easy decision for many companies to make—and it’s just one reason why our favorite tech stock is on a growth tear.

This company is a powerhouse in selling technology to businesses, with operations in over 200 countries, including all the fastest-growing emerging economies.

Its focus on emerging small businesses is paying off—operating income has more than doubled in the last four years. Net income is up almost 10 times in the last six years.

And all that cash is finding its way to shareholders. Dividends are growing along with the company, which averages a 30% payout from net income every year—more than many U.S. firms with bigger cash hoards pay out.

But despite its strengths…

No One Is Talking About This Stock

It’s so far off the major brokerages’ radar, it might as well be unlisted. That’s a shame, because it really is a hidden gem.

Yes, it has cutting edge technology in its products (lasers, state-of-the-art wireless technology and more), but the real keys to its growth are the kind the world’s best global investor, John Templeton, would approve of.

First, it will accelerate its push into developing markets for two simple reasons:

  • In these markets, our company’s products are essential to business success, but they aren’t yet widely available. That translates into stable and growing profits, not cutthroat warfare for every customer.

  • And of course, developing countries are where the growth is! Instead of the meager 1% or 2% growth we’re seeing in many developed economies, the best emerging markets are expanding at 6%, 10% and more a year.

Second, it’s breaking out of its main business and expanding into other areas. That’s letting it offer complete packages and create a service business with steady revenue and renewable contracts.

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the way good ol’ IBM revolutionized its business when it stalled.

Now we can’t promise our pick will grow as big as IBM, but we can tell you it’s on the right path to capturing a big chunk of a highly profitable business.

But what makes it such a screaming buy now?

It’s a Flat-Out Bargain

It’s selling for a ridiculously low price compared to other companies like it.

Because the story of its new global integration strategy hasn’t been factored into its share price, it’s selling for less than 11 times earnings! That’s mind-boggling for a company with this much potential.

The average NASDAQ stock sells for 18 times earnings. That means our pick could rise 63% before it’s even valued like an average tech stock.

That’s why we believe it’s the next stock you must add to your portfolio.

So without further ado, we want to show you…

How to Uncover This Hidden Gem Free

We’d love to tell you the name of this stock here, but that wouldn’t be fair to our Smart Tech Investor subscribers, so we’re going to do the next best thing.

We’re going to invite you to join them.

Here’s how: simply take a no-risk 90-day trial to Smart Tech Investor and we’ll send you—at no charge whatsoever—all the details on this exciting pick, including the name, ticker symbol, price to buy under and much more.

It all comes to you in Jim Pearce’s exclusive special report, called “The Tech Stock to Own for 2015.”

Smart Tech Investor keeps you up-to-date on the fastest-changing tech trends, tipping you off to the handful of tech stocks that belong in your portfolio. We’re thrilled to offer you—a valued Investing Daily reader—the chance to road test this unique advisory risk-free today.

All you have to do is go here to grab your free special report and start your trial. It’s as simple as that.

You have nothing to lose and huge tech profits to gain.

Editor’s note: Jim’s stock-picking system has been public for less than a year, but it’s already produced a string of winners, like EMC (+25%), Lenovo (+40%) and Seagate Technology (+25%). This latest pick looks set to explode for even bigger gains!

Don’t miss out on this under-the-radar opportunity.

Check out this exciting new report now. It could be the best move you make in 2015.

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