The Real Debate

Tonight’s the final presidential debate.

Oh. Boy. 

Like most Americans, I just want this campaign to end. Can we just fast-forward to Election Day and move on?

In fact, the more relevant debate for investors is: what to buy now?

U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, bonds? Or maybe increase cash, like the pros are doing?

In truth, no broad sector jumps out as a screaming buy now. U.S. stocks and bonds of all stripes are vulnerable to selloffs, given their relatively high valuations and the likelihood of an interest-rate hike.

Some emerging markets may prove to be undervalued, but risks are high. For example, China’s GDP growth hasn’t dropped from its better-than-expected 6% to 7% annual pace. That’s good news, but most analysts remain skeptical that China can keep it up without running into problems.

So we’re in a period without a no-brainer, broad investment class … but that’s OK.

It means we can be rewarded for digging a little deeper than the crowd does.

Robert Rapier, chief investment strategist for The Energy Strategist, is one of our best diggers. (And I mean that not only figuratively but literally, as he’s an experienced engineer on oil and gas exploration and production projects.)

Robert has been using his unparalleled knowledge of the energy industry, and his dogged determination to find winning investments, to rack up gains despite the sector’s ongoing economic slump.

To cite just one of many examples, Robert recommended this stock to subscribers in mid-August, and it’s already delivered a total return of 28% — not bad for two months’ work.

I mention Robert because it’s a great time to check out his service. Energy’s doldrums are showing signs of ending, and when the next upcycle occurs, these stocks could well lead the market.

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