Nick Lanyi

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With stocks rallying and the Obama-to-Trump transition going smoothly so far, the initial worries about a Trump election causing market turmoil haven’t materialized.Meanwhile, investors are making guesses about the impact Trump would have on various industries and stocks.As we mentioned yesterday, pharma and biotech stocks are rallying. But technology stocks… Read More

Election Day, at last.From Key West to Nome to Honolulu, millions of Americans are heading to the polls today to exercise their right to vote in the world’s oldest democracy. It’s a stirring and encouraging ritual – a tonic for the wounds and bruises of a brutal campaign.Whatever the outcome,… Read More

The last jobs report before the election was good news for the Clinton campaign.The October report, released this morning, showed job creation of 161,000, with unemployment dropping to 4.9%. While slightly lower than the consensus estimate of 175,000, the number of jobs created was strong enough to reflect a… Read More

Bloomberg had an article yesterday about “where the next crisis will come from.” The list included unsettled politics, problem banks and growing debt.Guess what? That’s a woefully incomplete list. But don’t expect me to complete it because the truth is we don’t know what the next crisis will be.Part… Read More

Tonight’s the final presidential debate.Oh. Boy. Like most Americans, I just want this campaign to end. Can we just fast-forward to Election Day and move on?In fact, the more relevant debate for investors is: what to buy now?U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, bonds? Or maybe increase cash, like the pros are doing?In… Read More