The Shocking Investment Truth About Trump’s Triumph

Ignore the barking seals on cable television news. They totally blew this election.

The pundits said Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. They also predicted that if Donald Trump pulled an upset, the stock market would plunge.

Dead wrong, on all counts.

Now these high priests of media are reading the post-election entrails and offering their interpretations of what it all means. Their latest consensus is that Wall Street cheered Trump’s upset because the bombastic billionaire will undo President Obama’s liberal legacy and free the economy and business from the shackles of over-regulation.

They’re missing the damned point, yet again. Here’s the real lesson for investors about Donald Trump’s victory:

Trump will implement a multi-trillion-dollar spending program that will make Democrats blush. Yep, that’s right: the right-wing Republican is really a free-spending Keynesian. And that spells enormous growth opportunities, if you know where to look. Below we highlight a few of the best-positioned investments.

To be sure, Donald Trump will cut taxes and trim bloated bureaucracies, but his policies also add up to massive stimulus. This important fact gets almost no attention on CNBC and the rest of the news media, but the investment strategists at Investing Daily are always skeptical of conventional wisdom. We don’t follow herd-like behavior; we take advantage of it.

Nor do we take political sides. We provide dispassionate analysis that’s neither right nor left, neither Republican nor Democratic. We have one job: to make you money.

And we’re here to tell you that a Trump administration will pump trillions of dollars…not billions, but trillions…into certain sectors that will enjoy a long-term bonanza. He intends to beef up the military, repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, encourage energy production and, yes, replace Obamacare.

That means the best-of-breed stocks in such industries as aerospace and defense, construction, energy production, health care, and biotechnology are about to embark on a multi-year upward trajectory.

Let’s look at a few standout beneficiaries, before the crowd catches on and bids up their share prices.

As the largest defense contractor in the world, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is the best play on the coming clamor for military aircraft. Under Trump’s more assertive foreign policy, Lockheed Martin’s sophisticated combat jets will be in big demand by the Pentagon and other nations around the world.

Another defense play we’re excited about is Raytheon (NYSE: RTN), the largest missile manufacturer in the world. Raytheon is the maker of the Paveway laser-guided bomb, the Patriot missile, and the Iron Dome missile defense system in Israel.

Raytheon also is the dominant provider of electronic sensors for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Under President Trump, the U.S. military will be considerably more interventionist in “hot spot” regions around the world, spelling enormous long-term demand for pilot-less drones.

One of our favorite health care stocks is Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), which boasts a wide-ranging portfolio of brand-name products that includes pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and devices. JNJ is a vast and diversified global behemoth that’s akin to a health care mutual fund. A redirection of Obamacare’s resources into more efficient health-care delivery channels would fill JNJ’s coffers.

As an infrastructure play, Martin Marietta (NYSE: MLM) is the smartest bet. The company is the nation’s biggest producer of crushed gravel, sand and stone, which are called aggregates and are mixed with cement to create concrete for the construction of roadways.

Our Team’s Take on Trump

Investing Daily’s team of analysts have pinpointed other Trump plays poised for profit-making momentum in 2017 and beyond.

As Robert Rapier explained in a recent issue of The Energy Strategist, three coal producers haven’t been getting a fair shake this year from investors.

Robert hadn’t predicted a Trump win (who the heck did?), but the election’s outcome has significantly improved the medium-term outlook for coal. Trump promises to kill the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which would phase out several coal-fired power plants over the next 20 years.

Since Robert recommended his three coal industry “value plays,” they’ve jumped by double-digits.

As Ari Charney of Utility Forecaster recently discussed, Trump has proposed cutting the business tax to 15% from 35%, which would allow Ari’s favorite utilities to retain more of their own money, in turn fueling a sector-spending spree that should boost the leverage of power producers well beyond historical norms. That’s ultimately a good thing for utility shareholder value.

Get a Steady “Paycheck” in the Era of Trump

Jim Fink of Options for Income realizes that Donald Trump’s shocking election as president has spooked the investment world. Many investors are uncertain, if not downright afraid, and they’re anxious for the political dust to settle. But as Jim makes clear, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines.

In fact, you can earn a $1,692.50 “paycheck” this Thursday morning using Jim’s unique income technique.

In this presentation, Jim explains how regular men and women can use it to claim steady income payments of $1,150, and $1,500, and even $2,800… every single week.

This is something you won’t want to miss. Here’s what one loyal follower recently wrote: “Jim’s technique is simply outstanding! I’ve been using it to make steady income for over two years now.”

Find out his income secrets here.

Jim Fink and the rest of the strategists at Investing Daily have this to say about the election: Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. No matter who occupies the White House, exciting investment opportunities are out there. We’ll find them for you.

Editor’s Note: Our investment strategists are on the job around the clock to help you make money. Got a question, idea or comment for them? Send me an email: We’d love to hear from you. In future issues, I’ll address the most frequently asked questions. — John Persinos


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