Stocks in the Crosshairs

There’s no greater rush than successfully identifying a takeover target.

First, there’s the handsome premium you stand to collect once the transaction is consummated. Then there’s the fact that your approach to stock selection has been validated.

Of course, at Utility Forecaster, we focus on a company’s dividend, not its takeover potential. But while the dividend is paramount, we can’t ignore when the business, growth, and value of one of our stocks aligns with another.

After all, over the past two years there’s been a major waver of mergers and acquisitions in the utilities sector. And this trend has made Utility Forecaster subscribers a lot of money, with takeover premiums as high as 45.6%.

One of the biggest takeover trends has come courtesy of our neighbors to the north. With last week’s announcement that Canadian utility Hydro One Ltd. (TSX: H, OTC: HRNNF) has agreed to acquire Avista Corp. (NYSE: AVA) for $5.2 billion, four of the five Canadian utility giants have now made a play for U.S. utilities.

In Sunday’s Income Without Borders, I’ll tell you about the one Canadian utility that has yet to make its move, as well as how we identify the companies that could be in its crosshairs.