#1 Pot Stock to Buy NOW

If you were looking for the #1 pot stock to invest in right now, what would it look like?

For some it would be an established, thriving company that has a solid stream of revenue from multiple sources. It would likely have a leadership team that’s proven they know how to profitably grow a company.

The problem is, so many tiny mom-and-pop startups have flooded in to fill demand. And the stock market is stuffed with fledgling pot stocks. That may not sound like a bad thing. Until you realize how hard it makes it to pick a winner.

You see, the marijuana industry is so new there really aren’t any benchmarks on what a successful company looks like! That’s caused some wild swings in share prices. Both up. And down.

I’m certainly not advocating that you look north and jump into some obscure Canadian pot stock either. Especially now that billion-dollar players like Constellation Brands, Molson-Coors, Diageo and Coca-Cola have turned their attention to the Canadian market.

At the same time, I don’t think it makes sense to miss out on another minute of the profits coming from this insanely lucrative market.

So I went looking for a safer way to make money from legal marijuana. One that truly makes sense for regular investors. It took me months of intensive research. And over $20,000 of my company’s money.

But I finally found it: the perfect legal marijuana business and my #1 pot stock!

Keep reading for more details on this stock’s incredible profit-sharing plan that’s 100% backed by the full force and authority of the U.S. federal government. But first, it’s critical for you to see the blueprint I created to make sure this opportunity was as bulletproof as you can get.

My Four Rules To Qualifying The #1 Pot Stock

I put these rules together specifically for this opportunity. No one else has them. Anywhere. And while they’re unique to the marijuana market… I built them on the same analytical processes which allowed me to make enough money to walk away from my Wall Street job for good at the tender age of 54.

Pot Stock Rule #1: Only Invest In Safe, Thriving Companies

It sounds easy enough right? But it’s not. As I mentioned, the legal marijuana industry is still in its infancy. Sure, it’s booming. Powerful, multi-year tailwinds are propelling marijuana companies, as depicted by this chart:

But so many of the financial tools Wall Street analysts use to evaluate a company just don’t work with this situation. And that’s where my three decades of investing experience come in.

Because I’ve seen booms like the marijuana industry before. And I studied what the thriving companies had, and what the others didn’t. Using that extensive analysis as a guide, I created a blueprint I can use to measure a marijuana company’s true chances for success.

And just as a foundation is the first thing a structural engineer looks at when evaluating the health of a house, I look at a marijuana company from the ground up. From the current product lineup and how much money it brings in, all the way to its distribution channels. Its cost of operations. And its ability to fend off competitors. It’s an exhaustive process. One that can take days.

But when I’m done I have a complete snapshot of a company’s financial health. And its prospects for the future. The #1 pot stock I identified is a perfect example of how this advanced knowledge helped me find the clear winner other analysts missed.

Pot Stock Rule #2: Only Invest In Winning Teams

There are a lot of companies with good products—or even great products—that failed due to poor leadership. I’m not just talking about small startups with founders that can’t get out of their own way either. I mean billion-dollar enterprises like Sun Microsystems, Enron, and Kmart.

That’s why I only recommend companies that have management teams who have proven they can profitably grow a company. And make their investors wealthy in the process.

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Pot Stock Rule #3: Only Invest In Companies That Share Their Profits

My third rule is that the company must share its marijuana profits with investors. Let’s face it. Nothing lets you know a company is rock-solid faster than a fat profit-sharing check showing up in your mailbox. And nothing helps cement the feeling you’ve made a wise decision better than when the payouts increase.

The #1 pot stock I’ve identified fits that bill to a “T.” Because it hasn’t just sent out checks like clockwork. It’s increased the size of the payouts too. Three times in the past two years, to the tune of 200%.

Let me put that in perspective for you: Steve Miller started out by collecting a $2,777 profit-sharing check from this company in October of 2017. His very next payout jumped to $4,628. Then they shot up to $6,480. And now his checks clock in at $8,331.

How many companies can you name that are so profitable they can more than triple the size of their payouts in just two years? Probably none. Best of all, since the legal marijuana boom is still in the early innings, I fully expect the payouts to continue surging higher. That’s why this company is far and away my #1 pot stock.

Pot Stock Rule #4: Only Invest In Companies Whose Payouts Are 100% Backed By the Full Force and Authority of a U.S. Federal Law

I saved this rule for last because it’s critical. Despite the overwhelming support for marijuana legalization from Americans everywhere. And even though 33 states have already made its use legal at some level.

In the eyes of the federal government marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug. Which means it doesn’t believe marijuana has any acceptable medical function. And looks at it the same as heroin, ecstasy, or acid. It’s a curious stance. Especially considering marijuana is already prescribed by doctors across the country to treat cancer… multiple sclerosis… Parkinson’s… Alzheimer’s… and a slew of other conditions.

Plus in an even stranger twist, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration recently approved the use of Epidiolex, a drug derived from marijuana to treat rare forms of epilepsy. And the Drug Enforcement Agency took it a step further when it reclassified this same medicine to a Schedule 5 substance (on the same level as some cough syrups).

That means these agencies believe marijuana DOES have proven medical uses. I simply cannot overstate the importance of these moves. Because ultimately I believe they’re a clear sign Uncle Sam will change the federal laws involving marijuana. And sooner than anyone thinks. It would be silly not to.

Why Uncle Sam Will Change His Tune

Marijuana businesses paid over $1 billion in taxes last year. And that figure could spike to $12 billion (or more) with full federal legalization! When that finally happens, it will blow the top off this market. And make the already astronomical growth numbers look like child’s play.

But in the meantime, I’ve decided the only way I’m going to invest in the current marijuana boom is with this #1 pot stock. It’s a company whose payouts are fully backed by a U.S. federal law that states 90% of the money it makes must be sent out as profit-sharing checks.

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching this opportunity. Including all the ways you could potentially profit from it. And only one company checked every box of my marijuana investing rules. Keep reading by clicking right here to learn more about my #1 pot stock and how to play it.