Four Sells and an Adjustment

Four stocks have been sold out of the Special Situations portfolio and one buy limit was adjusted in the Breakthrough Tech portfolio.

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Special Situations Sells:

Breakthrough Tech Adjustment:

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W Burton

W Burton

-I am new subscriber. Looking for growth LT and ST. Based on your recommendations I bought HIMX at 7.59/share and LRCX at $ 105.518/share. As of 12/1 both are down 7=7.8%. My question is do I cut my loss now, wait or buy more. I have a personal objective to sell after a 10% loss in order to preserve capital.
You also recommended MVIX. In reasearching this company analyst rate this extremely bearish. How do you arrive at your bullsih position.? Last reported earnings were a miss.
I am trying to find your best picks and go with them but not sure where I should be looking. I have done options in the past but have been a consistent looser so II have some fear concerns here.
I am a senior citizen believing in long term success of markets but trying to maintain my capital.
Maybe too many questions here.
Your thoughts??

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