Linda McDonough

Linda McDonough is a veteran hedge fund analyst who loves to break down company financial statements and identify market inefficiencies to uncover big opportunities.  She believes in a boots-on-the-ground approach that includes surveying customers, interviewing company executives, or doing whatever it takes to see what others don't.

She's now brought her experience as a hedge fund analyst to subscribers of her Profit Catalyst Alert service. Her system identifies small- and mid-cap stocks that are about to move due to catalytic events that few others can identify...until it's too late. These events often times result in massive gains for her followers.

Analyst Articles

Growth Stock Strategist recommended Supreme Industries (NYSE: STS) in early May, and earlier this month we interviewed Supreme’s CEO Mark Weber and CFO Matthew Long. Our interview starts on page 4.We love how the delivery-truck company is capitalizing on exploding demand for e-commerce shipping. The truck bodies Supreme… Read More

No one likes surprises, especially bad ones. After a raucous week of trading the stock market had decided that the likelihood of the U.K. voting to exit the E.U. was low. The shocking news of a exit vote by the citizens of the U.K. this morning is taking the market… Read More

SolarEdge is getting clobbered today by a bearish story published by The Street Sweeper, a Web-based free research service. The basic premise of the story is that SolarEdge is suffering due to price cuts by rival Enphase. As an active short seller in my previous life, I take these stories… Read More

Brexit has been tossing the stock market around like a rag doll in the last week.  The June 23 vote decides whether Britain will remain part of the EU, and up until recently the stock market had smugly assumed the status quo.On June 10 a poll by British newspaper The… Read More

We humans love rankings. In a world of chaos, we like the fictional supposition that life and all of its messy data can be corralled into neat silos. We love our top 10 song lists and rankings of the best colleges.Earnings season provides the perfect data set to create meaningful… Read More

It’s no secret that summer is the year’s busiest driving season. School vacations and warmer weather inspire trips to the beach or mountains and longer journeys to relatives’ homes or tourist destinations. The AAA estimates that Americans drive an additional 440 miles each summer.And this summer will see a great… Read More

Move Installed Building Products (NYSE: IBP), a residential insulation company, to your portfolio. A strategy of geographic expansion married with local acquisitions has propelled revenue and earnings well above industry rates.Our conservative $46 target offers investors 30% upside.We’ve been digging through a pile of stocks that supply product to home… Read More

Supreme Industries (NSDQ: STS) is getting steam rolled today from a downgrade by Sidoti. The brokerage firm changed its recommendation on the stock to neutral from buy as it got close to the firm’s $15 target. We don’t have access to the report but spoke with Matt Dennis at Supreme who had read… Read More