Richard Stavros

Richard Stavros is chief investment strategist for Global Income Edge, analyst for Utility Forecaster and a regular contributor to Personal Finance.

He is managing director of Thomas Dwight Capital (TDC), a strategic, financial and business development adviser to corporations, investment houses and governments. TDC identifies and develops for clients high growth and emerging markets opportunities in the energy, telecommunications, shipping and real estate sectors. In this capacity, Stavros has advised on several multi-million project finance valuations, business plan developments, and overall corporate strategies, as well as engaged in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and lead capital raising efforts for new business expansion plans.

With 17+ years of experience in the energy sector, Stavros has served in various leadership, strategy, finance and analytic roles at an energy utility, investment bank and various preeminent global media, economic and regulatory research houses.

He graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Economics and English Literature. He holds an MBA from the University of Oxford with a concentration in Finance and Strategy.

Analyst Articles

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