Yiannis G. Mostrous

Analyst Articles

The telecommunications, financial and commodity sectors of the Indonesian stock market are fired up for growth, but they’re still trading at reasonable valuations. This issue, we’re adding an ETF to the model portfolio that gives individual investors access to this country’s major economic players. Read More

An anti-corruption probe of the premier property developer in Hong Kong presents a rare buying opportunity for investors willing to ride out the short-term uncertainty. Despite a sharp drop in its stock price, this company remains fundamentally strong. Read More

Politics continue to play a huge role in the metals market around the world, influencing production and investment plans. Consequently, the risk of investing in commodity stocks has increased, which in turn has improved valuations as share prices decline. This dynamic has generated attractive entry points for top material stocks,… Read More

India is a global business hub that consistently ranks as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. From its dense, over-crowded metropolitan centers to its dirt-road villages and sparsely populated outreaches, India is a hotbed of diversity, culture and innovation. India also has been one of the world’s top emerging… Read More