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This year got off to a rough start due to warmer weather across much of the eastern United States and an earnings warning from Nabors Industries. The warmer weather, due to the developing El NiƱo, has caused commodities prices to drop as there is less demand for heating fuels, creating turbulence for coal and natural gas. However, oil prices remain well supported, so there are several plays on this sector. Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousFALLS CHURCH, Va.–It can be dangerous for investors to be sitting on positions that have achieved all-time highs. And that’s what’s happening in Asia: The MSCI All Country Asia ex-Japan Index, the region’s benchmark, recently surpassed its previous record, established 12 years ago.Although… Read More

Due to the depletion of easy to exploit oil reserves, we will continue to see demand for deepwater drilling rigs rise as oil companies continue to explore the oceans. This will create more investment opportunities in in both rig operators and equipment suppliers. Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousATHENS, Greece–2006 was a good year for the SRI Portfolio, which outperformed its benchmarks. Please note that this is a long-only Portfolio. I imposed this restriction in order to fairly compare performance against benchmarks, and all major market indexes are also long only. Read More

Long-term readers know by now that I’m a co-author of the book The Silk Road To Riches: How You Can Profit By Investing In Asia’s Newfound Prosperity. The main theme of the book is Asia’s emergence as the world’s next economic growth engine. Read More