Elliott H. Gue

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With Elliott in Virginia and Yiannis in his native Greece, this month's meeting occurred over the telephone. Despite the distance between them, Yiannis and Elliott came together on this metal producer. Read More

Over the past few months investment banks have launched a slew of exchange-traded notes and exchange-traded funds that focus on master limited partnerships (MLP). Although this bodes well for liquidity and valuations, investors should be wary of investing in some of these new offerings. Read More

Elliott and Yiannis roll the dice on two picks, while dining at their favorite Athenian eatery, Restaurant 21. Read More

Every week Yiannis and I meet to discuss the market, the economy and our favorite stocks. Given the extreme bout of volatility lately and the impact on our Stocks on the Run recommendations, we decided to offer our most recent outlook and our strategy for playing this tricky market in a special update this month. Read More