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Will there still be monthly chats? Will the stocks discussed by the energystrategist still be updated? Will Igor still be on board?

Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier

Hi Peter,

I don’t think there will be monthly chats, but they are still discussing whether to have chats at all, or perhaps have them on a different time schedule.

Some stocks from TES migrated over to REWO. The others won’t be regularly updated unless they also migrate over. However, I have committed to answering any questions about the previous TES holdings for the foreseeable future. But recommendations will not be updated.

Igor has moved on. I was especially sorry to see him go because he is a good friend of mine and a really great person. He has also had some great stock picks over the years, so I know he will be missed by many.

But, portfolio management is certainly in capable hands with Stephen Leeb at the helm.

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