A quick quiz: What is the world’s second-largest low-carbon power source? No, it’s not solar or wind. It’s nuclear power, which supplies about 10% of the electricity generated worldwide. (Hydroelectric is the largest low-carbon power source.) Accidents at nuclear power plants get a lot of attention, with Japan’s 2011 Fukushima… Read More

We are selling two stocks, one from the Eastern Fireworks Portfolio and one from the Income/Value Portfolio. We take gains in the mid-tier gold miner Alamos Gold (NYSE: AGI). The stock has more than doubled from its mid-March trough, convincingly outperforming not only gold itself, but benchmark gold miner ETFs… Read More

This week, we take a look at two stocks mentioned in our May issue for which we did not have enough space to discuss. The first is Paypal Holdings (NSDQ: PYPL). The company operates one of the largest online payment systems in the world, allowing users in more than… Read More

The historic drop in global economic activity and the battle between Saudi Arabia and Russia to gain market share have caused oil prices to plummet. But bad times in the oil market can end up as good news for those who benefit from crumbling prices and for whichever oil producers… Read More

The pandemic has made old guideposts less meaningful. Unemployment insurance claims, factory surveys, consumer sentiment surveys – these reflect a dire present but don’t tell us what’s next. We’ve often said the Fed writes the market letter. But even the Fed reportedly is now paying less attention… Read More

Here’s a quick thought exercise. Roll back the clock to the start of January 2020, pre-pandemic pandemonium. That’s your temporary end point. Then go back 20 years to the century’s start and pick just one asset you’d buy. What would it be?… Read More