We hear more often from our readers about stocks that go through a rough patch. This is understandable. It’s human nature to worry about something that’s not going well. This week, we take a look at a stock that recently had a rough earnings release and evaluate whether it still… Read More

As promised in the May issue, we follow up with Alexion Pharmaceuticals (NSDQ: ALXN) and Arconic (NYSE: ARNC). With PEG ratios around 1, both stocks provide GARP—growth at a reasonable price. Long-time TCI subscribers may remember Alexion as a former holding in our FundFinds Portfolio of yesteryear. When we first… Read More

The market, like the world, is fractured. Many stocks trade near nose-bleed valuations, while many others are cheap by any metric. Some of these cheap stocks look primed to grow as fast as any in the high-valued group. In Growth Portfolio we have a penchant for “GARP”… Read More

Those who follow the oil market generally believe that OPEC + 1 (Russia) will reduce supply by the amount that growth in shale production overshoots increased demand. To the degree that shifting geopolitical factors (sanctions, civil strife, etc.) cause Iran, Libya, Venezuela, and possibly Nigeria to produce more than expected… Read More

It’s always necessary to pay attention to the oil markets, but today it has become not just necessary but urgent. The risks of an imbalance between supply and demand – with the potential for a spike in oil prices that could abruptly shift our Master Key into negative territory –… Read More

Since we last checked in on Pattern Energy Group (NYSE: PEGI) in the October 2018 issue, things are looking better. Adjusted for dividend, PEGI has returned about 19% since the end of September, easily outpacing the S&P 500, the proxy for the market, as shown by the chart. Our other… Read More