Trade Alert: Sell CVS (NYSE: CVS) After our December issue went to press, Amazon announced that it would offer online prescription fulfillment, including discount prescriptions for those without insurance, and free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. There are still quite a bit of unknowns at this time, but we… Read More

For all intents and purposes, Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) (Growth Portfolio) has had a strong year so far. As of close yesterday, the stock is up roughly 25% for 2020 despite recent price pressure. Although Covid-19 originated in China, the Chinese authorities were able to contain the spread quickly. For Alibaba,… Read More

Near-term forecasts for oil and other commodities inescapably incorporate anything-but-certain assumptions about the pandemic. But we have to go with what we’ve got. The IEA projects worldwide oil demand will reach pre-pandemic peaks by 2023, with growth in demand then slowing. Most analysts predict that by decade’s end, oil will… Read More

Most investment houses have approached the election by preparing two lists: stocks benefiting from a Democratic win and stocks benefiting from a Republican win. We’re taking a different tack. We’ve focused on stocks that should flourish whatever the election’s outcome. These are companies so important to the… Read More