The S&P 100 is due for a pullback, but just because it's due doesn't mean it will happen. With continuing uncertainty we decided to go with a neutral-bias iron condor with a high probability for success. Read More

With earnings season well under way, 26% of the S&P 500 companies have reported earnings with 81% beating their earnings estimates and 71% reporting revenues above estimates. However, last week was a choppy week for the market due to rising COVID cases, growing US/China tensions, mixed earnings results and growing uncertainty. Without clear market direction we decided to go with a neutral-bias iron condor on Biogen (BIIB). Read More

The tax deadline of July 15th has passed, time to make some of that money back with a double diagonal on Intuit (INTU). On a side note, the bid/ask prices are wide at the moment, be patient and follow the trade adjustment instructions if you can't get filled right away. You can also try splitting the trade in two, sometimes that works better in situations like these. If for some reason we can't get filled on a trade we will work towards providing two trades the following week. Read More